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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Daily Freebies April 30, 2008

Daily Freebies April 30th

I've been away for a few days so this list is LATE #1 and will be pretty long in comparison to my other daily freebie posts...

Free Q-Leaf Tea Sample from Monterey Bay

~ Lobel's Free Guide to Grilling

~ Cat's Like Felix Free Sample of Felix Roasted (UK)

~ Free full-size Coffee-Mate (Canada)

~ Free Bottle of Coffee-Mate

~ Free Sample of GoodNites Sleep Pants

~ Escada Free Sample of Moon Sparkle Fragrance

~ Curel Free Life's Stages Moisturizer Sample

~ L&M Free Keychain - Code: LNM5964 (US, 21+)

~ Unity Free Mother Love Booklet (US & Canada)

~ Chloe Free Fragrance Sample (UK)

~ African Pride Register for free Haircare Samples

~ Kashi Free Box of Chewy Granola Bars (Canada)

~ Nature Made Free 14-Day Sample of Liquid Softgel Vitamin D

~ Costco Free Sample of Dove Intense Damage Therapy

~ Baby Phat Free Fabulosity Fragrance Sample

~ Rock and Ice Free Packet of Climbing Stickers

~ Carnation Free Sample of Breakfast Anytime (Canada)

~ Dove Free Samples of Shine Therapy or Go Fresh Therapy

~ Planet Heros Free Here Comes the Sun DVD

~ Free Sample of Aquafresh Advanced

~ Free Sample of Sensodyne

~ Free Sample of Emergen-C Pink

~ Free Stickers

~ Pikeo Free 1GB of Photo Storage (UK)

~ Vitala Free Bottle of Milk (Canada)

~ Free Sample of Cesar Paté

~ Dunkin' Donuts Free Sample of Original Blend Coffee

~ Free Subscription to Woman's Day

~ Free Sample of Frizz Ease

~ Kashi Free Sample of Mountain Medley Granola

Some Great Giveaways Going On....

A few great contests going on right now for some great items.....

Kristin from An Ordinary Life has a great giveaway going on right now for a BEAUTIFUL bag from The SAK. All you have to do to be entered into this giveaway for a great bag is to comment on the giveaway post on An Ordinary Life and tell Kristin: "What comes to mind when you hear The SAK". For a second entry, create a blog about this giveaway and you'll get a second chance to win this great bag!!!

Leslie from Leslie's Life has a giveaway going on right now as well.
She's giving away 4 different lip balms from Spazzstick. All you have to do to get a chance to enter to win one of these great lip balms is to head over to her giveaway and answer the trivia question she has for Spazzstick. To gain a second entry just blog about her Spazzstick Giveaway and leave a separate comment with the URL to your post.

Amberleigh from It's My Life has a giveaway going on right now for SkinMD Natural. Head over to her giveaway and she's giving away a 4oz bottle of SkinMD Natural ($18 value). You must be a blogger to enter, and then to enter all you have to do is 2 things. Create a post in your blog and link to her giveaway and also leave a comment as to WHY you need SkinMD Natural.

Diane over at dkMommy Spot is having a giveaway for a Seventh Generation Living Home Starter Kit (a $44.99 value!) filled with their safe, natural cleaning products. What a great giveaway! All you need to do to enter is to comment on the giveaway post letting Diane know if you've ever tried Seventh Generation products or not, if so what is your favorite product, if not which product your most interested in. To gain more entries you can subscribe via email to her blog, and for another entry, blog about the giveaway!


Our Weekend.

Saturday morning we were all in our bed just laying around, watching tv. I turned to Rodney and said, do you HAVE to work today? He said not really. My suggestion. Let's go visit your mom. REALLY? He said. Yea, lets go, let's just go and surprise her.

So off to Chicago we went. It was nice to get out of the house, and go on a little road trip and just 'get a way'. We had a lot of fun... Rodney's mom was very surprised and greatful that we came up for the weekend.

Once we got there, the girls were into everything under the sun of course, had to check out what Grandma was hiding. Lyric came out with one of Grandma's wigs. Holy flash forward to the future, both the girls tried it on, and the laughs could probably have been heard from around the corner we were all laughing so loud.

Grandma also has a nice keyboard in her living room, normally Lyric is the first to attack it, she just loves to play on it. This time tho, Aria could NOT get enough of the keyboard, she turned it on and just played and played and played her own little songs, and sang with it as well. I decided to teach her how to play 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' her favorite song, she couldn't get enough, I swear we were playing it over and over for about a 1/2 hr or so. I let her try a few times on her own, and after a while she actually picked a few notes up. I think that I'm going to have to brush up on my piano cause it's been years, and get a keyboard and start teaching the girls how to play, they both adore music and Aria seems to have a nak for it at the age of two picking up a few notes of twinkle twinkle and playing it herself.

The girls had a lot of fun just hanging out with Grandma. Lyric even went to Church with Grandma on Sunday, she actually had a lot of fun, sang, danced and met a lot of kids she said. I really didn't think she'd want to go, or even have any sort of remote fun, since Mommy is so against any form of 'church'. But she asked, so she showed the interest I allowed her to go. My Mother In Law had a really cute dress there that she had for my niece Nevaeh, so Lyric got to wear that along with a pair of new sandals that my Mother In Law bought both the girls.
Here we are before Lyric left for church, she looked just too adorable.Coincidently, Jay Z and Mary J. Blige were in Concert that Sunday in Chicago. If I had planned this EARLIER in the week (before Wednesday) and had let my Sister In Law know about it, I would have been at the concert as well. She had an extra ticket. HOW SAD! I missed a great concert. Oh well, we all still had fun and a great time. We're now planning for our first family vacation to Atlanta Georgia this summer.

What I Know Now....

Kristin from An Ordinary Life tagged me to sit at her table for the Mother's Day Blog Bash at Notes from My Nest.

What I know now that I'm a mom:
  • That curse your parents put on you, you know, the one about wait until you have kids, I hope they're just like you..... Don't laugh it off, it comes true.
  • No matter what, that new outfit will always get a stain on it, no matter how careful you are to prevent it.
  • Children will tell your most embarrassing business to any stranger they meet, if you don't want the public to find out, don't tell your child.
  • You rarely get to watch your own shows or listen to your own music, its all about Sponge Bob, Dora and Kids Bop.
  • Those really cute outfits you used to wear get lost in the closet full to t-shirts and sweats and are never to be found again.
  • Kids are loud. Indoor voices aren't even a concept to them.
  • Going out to a restaurant for dinner and not having an embarrassing moment from your child is a miracle and few and far between.

Flip & Tumble Reusable Bags

This has to be one of my favorite things that I've found lately. Flip & Tumble 24/7 Reusable Bags, not only are they cute and stylish but they're reusable and can go anywhere with you.

I stumbled upon Flip & Tumble bags when looking for some reusable bags online. Some of them are just so ugly even tho they're 'environmentally friendly' I really don't want to use them cause well they're UGLY. Flip & Tumble bags are quite the opposite, they come in nice bright colors and are cute. I really love the concept of how they just roll back up into a little ball. This bag can go ANYWHERE with you. Store it in your purse, in your car, it takes up no room at all.

We recently took a little road trip and I decided this would be the best time to test these out. I unrolled the 'sock ball' that he bag was in and just thought it was so cool.

We loaded the bag up with snacks and drinks and items for the girls to use in the backseat. It held everything, the bag was big enough to carry juice boxes, boxes of snacks, books, name it, we got it in there. We'll be taking another road trip in July and these will be coming with us, the fact that I don't have to worry about them taking up space when not in use is a huge plus, they can fit in my purse or my luggage no problem.

The bags themselves are 12"x14"x5" and has a 26.5" strap on it. Once it's rolled up into a ball, the ball is about 3" in diameter, about the size of a peach. The bags also have a 25lb. capacity and there's a small shoulder pad on the strap which makes it comfortable and light when carrying heavier items. Flip & Tumble bags are constructed of lightweight nylon ripstop.

How Did Flip & Tumble Bags Come About?

Flip & Tumble surveyed shoppers, and were wondering why any reusable bags that they owned weren't being used? Were they too difficult to remember, unplanned shopping trips? To hard? What was the reason.

Flip & Tumble felt that in order for more people to use reusable bags that there had to be a good way to keep your bags with you all the time. That meant two things, the bag had to be compact so that you could keep it in your purse and it had to be flexible to be able to 'go anywhere'.

The idea for the Flip & Tumble bags came from sockballs. You know those little balls that are
formed when you roll your socks and stretch the end over? That's where they got the concept. Their final design using an elastic pouch system that works the same way.

All you do is put your hand into the pouch, scrunch up the bag, stretch the pouch panels over the bag, and your ready to tumble along.

This is one of the best reusable bags I've ever seen, this will be recommended and I may purchase more for our trip, they're just so convenient!

Visit Flip & Tumble to read more, the 24/7 bag retails for $12 and comes in a variety of colors. Shipping for 3 bags anywhere in the USA is a flat rate of $4.

My Day Was Just Brightened to the MAX!

So of course you know, I'm a wrestling fan. Hence my blog name. I also am friends with Elijah Burke and run his 'Official Myspace' for him as well.

I've had a heck of a morning, I've got some reviews and giveaways to post but I have to wait till later tonight cause my net has been screwy all morning, and I hate to start and just loose things, I've been FRUSTRATED beyond belief.

I got some packages in the mail today. One of them, just brightened my day to the max. I am still so excited over it.

Elijah Burke sent me a wonderful package full of autographed items from him to me. I just love that guy, he's always thinking of other people besides himself. How nice of him to do it, I mean come on, who thinks of that???? I got an autographed shirt, hat, arm sleeve and promo pic, along with May's WWE Magazine, A WWE Diva shirt and some personal pic's from his Hall Of Fame night on Wrestlemania (which I have to send back to him). I'm just thrilled beyond thrilled now. Plus I get to go to a house show on May 12th and see him as well (hopefully). TICKED just TICKED with joy this morning......

Here's my full package:

PeaceLoveMom: A Celebration of Motherhood

I recently ran across a store online called they have a great selection of Tee's and other things, created just for mom's.

PeaceLoveMom was started by 3 women who are mom's who wanted to create a "celebration of motherhood" for all mom's alike. PeaceLoveMom started in 2005 with their creative designs and perspectives. Their Tee's are designed to both empower and inspire and celebrate mom's and motherhood.

They not only carry the cutest Tee's for mom's but they also carry Thermals, Tanks, Classic Women's Tees (fuller figure woman), PeaceLoveBaby wear, Bags and Belts, and Jewelry .

PeaceLoveMom is giving all A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog readers a coupon code worth 10% off all purchases over $20.00 made thru April 30th.

Be the hippest Mom in the carpool. Give yourself a Mother's Day treat. Wear Motherhood on your shirtsleeve. Celebrate Motherhood with cool tees from PeaceLoveMom. Take a peek at the super cool t-shirts designed especially for Mom's at: Use the code: wrestlingmama for 10% off all purchases over $20.00 through April 30th

Swing on over to PeaceLoveMom and find yourself or another mom you know some great gifts, remember Mother's Day is approaching fast, and I know I'd be thrilled to get one of these cute items from PeaceLoveMom.

SourPuss Clothing T-Shirt Winner Announced!

Thank you to all who entered into the SourPuss Clothing giveaway for the David Bowie Tee.

The contest closed last night at 8pm EST. All entrants were asked to go back to SourPuss Clothing and find their favorite item in order to be entered into this giveaway.

The winner was chosen randomly we had 57 eligible entries.

The winner of the David Bowie Tee from SourPuss Clothing is:

Mary said...
I liked the ladies CS Trailer Trash Tshirt...

Congrats Mary!!! Thank you to all who entered, I will be contacting Mary shortly. Be on the lookout for new reviews and giveaways this week!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Finally back home and EXAUSTED!

We decided last minute Saturday morning to go visit the In Laws near Chicago. Headed out, had a great weekend, the girls had a blast. We ended up coming home 2 days late. Rodney's employee who took his shift Monday morning told him he'd cover the entire day for him, so Rodney used that as an excuse to stay an extra day. Well almost. We were going to leave Monday night around the girls bedtime, but then we checked the weather and what do we see. FREEZING RAIN warning.... The end of April and there's a freezing rain warning that night on the way home to Ohio. We didn't want to chance it so we spent the night and then headed back this afternoon.

My children have already torn the house apart and we've only been home for a few hours. I'm so tired and ready to CRASH.

So my blog has been neglected over the weekend. I'll make it up this week I promise. I have a few new reviews to post, and some giveaways as well. So the next few days I'll be tending to not only my already wrecked house, but also my neglected blog. Mornings in PJ's by the computer just typing away is what this week will be filled with. Not only have I neglegted the blog, but i've been neglecting Mommies 'N Babies as well, so i'll be very busy online the next few days...

Oh and go figure. Who calls me this weekend while my phone is dead. Elijah. It always happens that guy always calls when my phone is dead....BLAH!!!!! Oh well... Life goes on I guess...

Hope you all had a fun and eventful weekend.

SourPuss Clothing.

If your anything like me, I'm not one that goes for the 'kiddy' look too much on my girls. Some of the things they have for kids is just plain UGLY. Sometimes I like my girls to dress a little more, 'fashionable' or 'on the edge' rather than in some pink and flowery cute little Disney outfit.

The perfect compromise. SourPuss Clothing. They have a great kids line with some great styles of 'punk' clothes for both boys and girls. Nothing too outrageous, a little more of that 'on the edge' styling and I love it!Not only do I love it, but my girls do as well. They're girly enough for them, and different enough for them to have some independence with their clothing.

Lyric (4) got the Kids Babydoll Sparrow Print in Pink. It's just adorable. She loves the 'birds' and the stars on the print, and pink is her favorite color by far, so it fits her perfectly. The Sparrow Print shirt is in neon pink (but to me, is more just like a light pink rather than neon) kids babydoll with ruffle sleeves, All over sparrows & nautical stars printed all over the front. In a size 5T I thought at first it looked like it might be a little small, but was the perfect fit once she had it on. The shirt was nice and stretchy and soft. The Sparrow Print retails for $23.00 in sizes 2T - 5T.

Aria (2) got the Kids Babydoll WEBBED SKULL tee. Kids ruffle sleeved fitted babydoll tee with webbed skull design. This shirt is just too cute, Aria loves it, her and Lyric both call it a girls pirate shirt lol. In a size 3T this shirt fit Aria perfectly, lots of stretch and the shirt is nice and soft as well. I wasn't too sure about her and a skull at first, but the skull is kid friendly and not scary at all, it even has a little bow on its head, its adorable. The Webbed Skull retails for $22.00 in sizes 6mths - 5T.

SourPuss Clothing has more than just tee's for both children and adults, you can find jackets, bottoms, dresses, diaperbags, bibs and accessories. If you're one of those people who like a little more 'edge' in your clothing, SourPuss Clothing is the place to be.

Mother's Day is coming up, why not pick something up that's a little more unconventional for mom instead of the same old thing?

Want To Win A T-Shirt from SourPuss Clothing?????


Up for grabs right now as well, is a great Women's Tee from SourPuss Clothing. This shirt is a Band Tee in a women's size Large. The shirt is a DAVID BOWIE ALLADIN SANE Tee. Made by Sourpuss.Light blue girly tee with red & blue David Bowie Alladin Sane. The shirt retails for $27.00 but one lucky reader of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog can win this for themselves.

How To Enter:

Easy to enter, just go to SourPuss Clothing and find an item you'd mostly likely buy from the website if you had a choice of anything. Then come back here and comment on this post with your choice. Please leave a valid email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner.

Anonymous entries are allowed, just please remember to leave a valid email address.

Please make sure you go to SourPuss Clothing and let me know which product you would choose from there, if this is not in your comment you will be disqualified from the contest.

Want an extra entry???

If you want an extra entry into this giveaway, post about this giveaway on your blog and come back here and comment with your link. Please post SEPARATELY from your initial comment a link to your blog about this contest.

All winners will be chosen using, Contest closes April 29th 2008 at 8pm EST. Winners will be announced and contacted by May 1st 2008.

Sudz 'N Bubbles African Shea Butter Winner Announced!!

Thank you all for entering the Sudz 'N Bubbles giveaway for 2 jars of African Shea Butter.

Great response, 154 entries into the giveaway.

I chose a winner using

The winner of 2 jars of African Shea Butter from Sudz 'N Bubbles in their choice of scent is:

Sarah said...

These products are so adorable! I really like the Insect Soap, Fish in a Bag Soap, and Key Lime Pie soap.
Can we mix and match fragrances if we win the Shea Butter? I'd like to try one jar of Unscented/Natural and one of Pink Sugar, if I won. Thanks so much for the chance to win!
Congrats to Sudz N Bubbles for getting featured on HGTV! That's huge! I hope they get a lot of orders from it.

On my way to email you now Sarah to get your details to send over to Cindy from Sudz 'N Bubbles.

Remember there's 1 more giveaway going on now here on A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog, I'll have more this coming week, so always check back!

Thanks again to all those who entered.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Delectable sudz for your body.....

Do you ever run into something that you just don't want to use cause it looks or smells so great? The thought of using it you just cringe cause you want to savor it forever! Well, Sudz N Bubbles has those types of products. They look and smell so great, the thought of using them just made me want to sniffle a little bit.

I was lucky enough to get a few samples from Sudz N Bubbles to review. When the package got here, I opened it up and was just in awe of the soaps that I was sent. Not only did they look great, but they even smelled great. Even the girls were like "whoa" those are really cute and pretty. We received the Black Raspberry & Vanilla Unrefined Shea Butter ($11.00/4oz jar), which just smells wonderful and feels great on my skin, they blend their shea butter with just a light fragrance and avocado oil.

My girls favorites which I can't seem to pry out of their hands is their Lime Soapsicle ($5.00), it smells SO GOOD, you want to just eat it, which I had to stop my 2 year old from actually doing. They also are in love with their Fish In A Bag Soap ($5.00). This is their favorite in the tub right now, you just peel off the plastic bag, and drop it in the tub with the kiddos. It's so cute. Looks like a fish in a bag from the pet store.

We also got a wonderful soap from their Bubblin Bakery, a beautiful Strawberry Cream Pie soap ($7.50). I refuse to use it, it sits nicely in my bathroom with a light aroma and just looks good enough to eat. It even comes in a little take out pie box to look like the real thing.

Sudz N Bubbles carries a few different variety of soaps and shea butter. Their categories include: Bath Bombs, Bubblin Bakery (where the soaps look good enough to eat), Loofa, Shea Butter, Soap, and Soapsicles (a kids favorite). Their soaps are very unique and something that must be seen and tried for yourself. Their soaps are all glycerin-based as well for the perfect skin treatment.

The company was founded by Cindy Tollen, who has had such great success with this venture, she's even had her soaps and products included in celeb swag bags at awards shows. Cindy and Sudz N Bubbles has also gained the attention of HGTV and will be featured in May on That`s clever and Design Club with Matt and Shari!

I am just in love with these products, not only do they look and smell great, but the prices for the products are great as well. With the publicity of Sudz N Bubbles you'd think that the prices might be a little higher, but they are very affordable. Ever need a quick gift for someone, need to give mom something extra special for mother's day? Try out Sudz N Bubbles, you won't be disappointed at all.

You can also visit Sudz N Bubbles blog where you can get a sneak peak of new products and upcoming sales, as well as their Etsy Store for Sudz N Bubbles.

Cindy at Sudz N Bubbles has agreed to give away two (2) jars of their African Shea Butter to a very lucky winner in the fragrance of their choice, which includes unscented/natural, lavender, pink sugar, black raspberry and vanilla, or clove.

In order to be eligible to win 2 jars of African Shea Butter (a $22.00 value) from Sudz N Bubbles in your choice of fragrance you first must go to Sudz N Bubbles and find your favorite item on their website. Come back here and leave me a comment with your favorite items, and which fragrance of Shea Butter you would choose if you won.

Wish to gain a second entry? Blog about it. Leave me a second comment with the link to your blog about Sudz N Bubbles and the giveaway here on A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog.

Giveaway will end April 28th 2008 at 11pm EST. A winner will be chosen at random (via and will be announced and contacted April 29th.

Non bloggers may participate in this giveaway please just leave a valid email address so I can get a hold of you.

Please make sure you go to Sudz N Bubbles and let me know which product you would choose from there, if this is not in your comment you will be disqualified from the contest.

Good Luck!!

WWE Backlash.

Last night was WWE's Backlash Pay Per View.

I watched it off and on, missed the first hour because I had to watch the season finale of Big Brother. I wasn't too impressed with the Pay Per View in general. I was really happy with the Matt Hardy match, glad to see he's now the US Champ!!!! Unfortunately that's one of the matches I missed!

Here are the results from Backlash last night....

M.V.P vs. Matt Hardy for the United States Championship
WINNER: Matt Hardy

Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Championship

Big Show vs. Great Khali (A.K.A The most boring match of the night)
WINNER: Big Show

Shawn Michaels vs. Batista (Special Guest Referee Chris Jericho)
WINNER: Shawn Michaels

Mickie James, Ashley, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, Cherry, Maria vs. Beth Phoenix, Melina, Layla, Victoria, Jillian, Natalya
Beth Phoenix, Melina, Jillian, Natalya, Layla, Victoria

Undertaker vs. Edge for the World Championship
Winner: Undertaker

Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Triple H vs. John Bradshaw Layfield Fatal Four Way WWE Championship
Winner: Triple H (now 12x WWE Champion)

The last match I wasn't surprise. I was happy tho, I can't stand Randy Orton/crazy boy. This match was slated to be the way Wrestlemania ended but was changed, so we got to see it last night, I hope once Jeff Hardy returns (rumored to be May 12) he still gets that shot, it would be nice to see him vs. Triple H and what Hardy can prove to be in the long run.

We Have A Winner (Got Purseonality/Bink Tees)

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the Got Purseonality/Bink Tee's giveaway. I had a lot of fun with the Bloggy Carnival and can't wait to do another.

I had 68 entries.
There was one winner for a Boys Tee and one winner for a Girls Tee. Winners were chosen randomly using

Congrats to to following winners:

said...The soccer short sleeve size 0-6, for a boy


I love these t-shirts!! Great idea! If I win I would like a short sleeve Bee t-shirt for a girl in large (12-18 months). Thanks for the giveaway!

Congrats to both of you!!! I'll be contacting you via email.

Don't forget to check out the 2 other giveaways I have going on right now, and I have many more for the future, so please keep checking A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog!!

Thanks Everyone!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Got Purseonality??? What about Bink Tee's???

Say goodbye to plastic clips...Bink Tee's are the new rage to keep those binkies near!

Tired of wondering where that paci went? Tired of that same old game of running around trying to find that last pacifier in the house? Then look no further than Bink Tee's.

Bink Tees allows you to attach and remove a pacifier from your baby's tee, without using plastic clips. Bink Tee's hold your pacifier using a Velcro fastener, very simple to use and comfortable to wear.

CLICK HERE to view how they work.

Got Purseonality
has generously agreed to give away TWO (2) Bink Tee's to 2 winners from A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog, one Bink Tee for a girl, and one for a boy.

To be elegible to win a Bink Tee, all you need to do is head over to the Baby and Kids section of Got Purseonality and tell me which style, size and if its for a boy or girl, of Bink Tee's you'd like to win. Simple.

If you'd like a second entry, just blog about it. Write up a blog about this giveaway and post it in another comment here, and I'll enter you for a second chance at winning a Bink Tee.

Non bloggers are eligible as well, just leave a valid email address so that I have a way to contact you.

This is open to US residents only please. You must comment with the above instructions or else your comment will be deleted. There will be 1 winner for a boy's Bink Tee and 1 winner for a girls Bink Tee. Winners will be chosen randomly using

Giveaway will close April 27th at 11pm EST. Winners will be announced and contacted April 28th.


Want to enter some more great giveaways? Click on the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival button on the right and experience over 400 more great blogs with some great giveaways for everyone to enter!!!

Blog Talkers Talk

Blog Talkers Talk #69

Another writing prompt. Please interpret this any way you wish. Here are some questions to help you get started:

Annoyed. What annoys you? What do you do that annoys other people? Are you quick to lose your temper? How often do you get annoyed? Do you have a short fuse? Tell us about the last time you were annoyed - REALLY annoyed.

Question submitted by Write From Karen.

Hmm, what annoys me??? There are so many things that annoy me. Slow people, crazy drivers, people chewing with their mouth open, chalk on the chalkboard, people staring at me, I could go on and on.

Something that I do to annoy other people? I really don't know the answer to that question, I guess that's something you'd have to ask people who are around me.

I do loose my temper quickly, I'm a hot head, always have been probably always will be. I guess things really do annoy me a lot, and enough for me to have had ENOUGH and just loose my cool at times. Short fuse I guess you could say, yea I do have one, don't push my buttons too hard and you won't see that side of me.

It happens so frequently because truly like I said, there is so much that annoys me, I can't really remember the last time I was really truly annoyed because its been so many times. Rodney does something, the girls do something, my day just doesn't go right... Especially the last week, PMS is in full effect, the way you BREATH annoys me ;)

3GB Community

Looking for a new, fresh, fun social networking community?

Then look no further than 3GB Community. This is one of the newest social networking sites around. Come meet some new friends, or find some old ones. Once you join 3GB Communities you'll have access not only to friends/family and networks but also you'll have the ability to upload your photos to share, join different groups, blogs, you can even hear the latest mp3 hits while you chat with other members of the community.

So what are you waiting for come see the newest thing in the social networking community, come and join 3gb community and see what you've been missing!

Making The Band 4

Ok, I can admit, sometimes there's just some reality shows that, as hard as I hate to admit to watching them. I do.

One of them...... Making The Band..... This past season had Danity Kane, and the guys group kind of go head to head. I didn't really watch too intensely, but when there was nothing else to watch, I watched it.

I can say, I am not the biggest fan of Danity Kane, but they have grown on me, they're decent. Not the best group in the world, but decent. However, the guys group, who was named Day 26. During the show, honestly. SUCKED! I didn't think they'd have a hit no matter what.....

Yet now... I am in LOVE with their first single. I just can't get it out of my head. Diddy did it again lol.

Day 26 and their first single "Got Me Going" has now got ME going. I can't get enough of it. Check out the video, see for yourself if you like it or not.

The video doesn't do much for me at all, love the song, video could have been much better in my opinionl

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Weekend Off..

You won't hear too much from me this weekend. I'll be checking in from time to time, be on to end my giveaways. Other than that, this is my weekend off. We decided last minute this morning to head to Chicago for the weekend to see my In Laws.

My girls are havin a great time visiting their Grandma, and its nice to get a bit of a break for a while as well.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!! See you when I get back :D

LA Police Gear

LA Police gear is for the general public, military personnel, security professionals and police officers. LA Police gear has extremely fast shipping, low prices and great service, they pride themselves in helping people get the gear they need.

You can find any of the gear you need at LA Police Gear, including BDU pants for just $15 bucks.
BDU Pants are the backbone of the US military uniform and have been adopted into worldwide use. They are now worn in over 100 countries. BDU pants are worn by both military personnel as well as outdoor enthusiasts. For an outstanding price on BDU pants be sure to check out the LA Police Gear BDU pants below.

L.A. Police Gear, Inc. was founded by Los Angeles area Police Officers. The business has grown and changed greatly over the years and now serves the general public, military personnel, security professionals, and of course police officers (or anyone else who would like to buy from us).

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Daily Freebies April 25, 2008

Friday Feast

Name something you would categorize as weird.

Hmm, there's lots of things lol I'll say my children, they're quite weird at times.

What color was the last piece of food you ate?

White (Cottage Cheese)

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy being alone?

I'd say an 8, I do like being alone, although it doesn't happen much lol

Main Course
Fill in the blank: I will _NEVER_ vote for _ANYONE_ in _2008_.

Describe your sleeping habits.

They suck. I go to bed late, wake up a few times during the night because my back is aching because we need a new mattress and then get woken up by little children too early in the morning.

Living The Dream...

Is your lifelong dream panning out the way you thought it would? Do you have the dream family and life to go along with it? Has the actual shock of what actually happens in motherhood actually set in yet?

Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts one can have, but sometimes it's not all that we dreamed it to be. The diapers, the spit up, the craziness that goes along with being a mom and having a family. We didn't think it would be this way, but we wouldn't trade it for the world.

Now there's apparel made just for us, to express just how much we're 'living the dream'.

LTDchix knows just where mom's are coming from because they're mom's themselves. After 'living the dream' and balancing family life, Nina and Cindi (founders of LTDchix) decided to create a line of T-Shirts that all the moms out there can relate to, shirts that express what all moms go through on a daily basis.

No matter if your a mom working out of the house, or a stay at home mom, we can all relate to the trials and the joy of motherhood. provides so many different and great shirts that any mom can relate to and would be proud to wear. Their list of products include:

Note Cards
Beach Cart Mom
Cleaning Mom
Cooking Mom
Fitness Mom
Laundry Mom
Minivan Mom
Referee Mom
Shopping Mom
Under Weather Mom
Working Mom

All the shirts are so cute, and really get the point across of what our lives as a mom includes. I was lucky enough to get a Shopping Mom 'Living The Dream' shirt, and I must say the logo is just so cute, I love it. I'd be glad to have more shirts in my wardrobe for the summer. Even my kids and husband think the shirt is cute.

LTDchix would be a product for any mom out there, whether it be for yourself, or a gift for mother's day, I'm sure all moms can appreciate the humor and comfort of a Living The Dream shirt.

Right now if you EMAIL NINA at LTDchix you can receive a 15% discount by just mentioning you saw the review on A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog., has 2 new styles just in time for mothers day as well, I know I'll be going back to get myself another shirt, they're just too cute!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

How time flies....

Time sure does fly.

Anyone remember Tevin Campbell???? "Can We Talk"... Need a refresher....

I used to love him back in the day, had all his albums, love this song one of my fav's.

The boy has grown up, and it doesn't even LOOK like him anymore.

I was over at and she has this pic, to guess who it was... Tevin Campbell wasn't even a thought in my head when I saw this pic.

That doesn't even look like the Tevin Campbell that I remember one bit, WOW time sure does fly... WOW...


Maybe it's just mine. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's normal.

Why is it that the closer to bedtime it gets, the more hyper, loud and irritating children get?

We've all just put on our PJs, cleaned up. Gotten ready for bed. I bring the girls downstairs for a little while longer before bedtime, and it seems like all heck breaks loose! The screaming, the craziness, the loud play. They're running and jumping and fighting like they would at 2 in the afternoon. IT'S BEDTIME CRAZY GIRLS! LETS GO TO SLEEP!

Please tell me that this ends at some point and they just get themselves tired at the right time and go off to bed themselves. A 2 year old and a 4 year old hyper like crazy 10 minutes before bedtime is enough to tire ME out for the night.


Sometimes there’s something inside of a person, which just needs to be awakened. Some people find how to do that quickly, and others may need a push to awaken them. Along comes The Sedona Method which teaches one to break into their mass consciousness and awaken and let go of our consciousness and take more responsibility for ones thoughts beliefs and feelings and learn how to create our own reality and how we will experience it. The Sedona Method has been awakening people like this for over 30 years.

With the attention of The Secret and the Law of attraction also the new found A New Earth, more people are interested in awakening themselves from the dream of the ego, but how does one put a gap between the Law of attraction and more attachment to the ego? Using The Sedona Method will be the bridge to that question.

how The Sedona Method is the bridge between The Secret and the Law of Attraction

The Sedona Method will teach you how to attract all that you desire. It helps people dissolve the ego in order to reach those goals. The Sedona Method teaches one to let go of the limitations, let go of the need for more, let go of the desire attachment and aversions to the goal, this supports us to awaken.

By letting go of this ‘ego’ we become less attached, feel better as our mind gets quieter and gives us more positivity and motivation through our intuitiveness instead of our ego desires. The Sedona Method will uncover the aliveness, presence and spaciousness within one’s self. Goals will change, things that were once thought must or should be achieved based on others opinions will vanish and in its place will be ones that are of a true purpose that will naturally be gravitated to . As you move on with The Sedona Method and continue to ‘let go’ the more one will choose for their best, and their goodness rather than the goodness or best for everyone else.

If you are a fan of “The Secret” or “A New Earth” or looking for something to awaken yourself even if you’ve never seen or heard of the later you should come explore The Sedona Method by ordering a Free DVD and CD to see what it’s all about.