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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flip & Tumble Reusable Bags

This has to be one of my favorite things that I've found lately. Flip & Tumble 24/7 Reusable Bags, not only are they cute and stylish but they're reusable and can go anywhere with you.

I stumbled upon Flip & Tumble bags when looking for some reusable bags online. Some of them are just so ugly even tho they're 'environmentally friendly' I really don't want to use them cause well they're UGLY. Flip & Tumble bags are quite the opposite, they come in nice bright colors and are cute. I really love the concept of how they just roll back up into a little ball. This bag can go ANYWHERE with you. Store it in your purse, in your car, it takes up no room at all.

We recently took a little road trip and I decided this would be the best time to test these out. I unrolled the 'sock ball' that he bag was in and just thought it was so cool.

We loaded the bag up with snacks and drinks and items for the girls to use in the backseat. It held everything, the bag was big enough to carry juice boxes, boxes of snacks, books, name it, we got it in there. We'll be taking another road trip in July and these will be coming with us, the fact that I don't have to worry about them taking up space when not in use is a huge plus, they can fit in my purse or my luggage no problem.

The bags themselves are 12"x14"x5" and has a 26.5" strap on it. Once it's rolled up into a ball, the ball is about 3" in diameter, about the size of a peach. The bags also have a 25lb. capacity and there's a small shoulder pad on the strap which makes it comfortable and light when carrying heavier items. Flip & Tumble bags are constructed of lightweight nylon ripstop.

How Did Flip & Tumble Bags Come About?

Flip & Tumble surveyed shoppers, and were wondering why any reusable bags that they owned weren't being used? Were they too difficult to remember, unplanned shopping trips? To hard? What was the reason.

Flip & Tumble felt that in order for more people to use reusable bags that there had to be a good way to keep your bags with you all the time. That meant two things, the bag had to be compact so that you could keep it in your purse and it had to be flexible to be able to 'go anywhere'.

The idea for the Flip & Tumble bags came from sockballs. You know those little balls that are
formed when you roll your socks and stretch the end over? That's where they got the concept. Their final design using an elastic pouch system that works the same way.

All you do is put your hand into the pouch, scrunch up the bag, stretch the pouch panels over the bag, and your ready to tumble along.

This is one of the best reusable bags I've ever seen, this will be recommended and I may purchase more for our trip, they're just so convenient!

Visit Flip & Tumble to read more, the 24/7 bag retails for $12 and comes in a variety of colors. Shipping for 3 bags anywhere in the USA is a flat rate of $4.

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