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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What I Know Now....

Kristin from An Ordinary Life tagged me to sit at her table for the Mother's Day Blog Bash at Notes from My Nest.

What I know now that I'm a mom:
  • That curse your parents put on you, you know, the one about wait until you have kids, I hope they're just like you..... Don't laugh it off, it comes true.
  • No matter what, that new outfit will always get a stain on it, no matter how careful you are to prevent it.
  • Children will tell your most embarrassing business to any stranger they meet, if you don't want the public to find out, don't tell your child.
  • You rarely get to watch your own shows or listen to your own music, its all about Sponge Bob, Dora and Kids Bop.
  • Those really cute outfits you used to wear get lost in the closet full to t-shirts and sweats and are never to be found again.
  • Kids are loud. Indoor voices aren't even a concept to them.
  • Going out to a restaurant for dinner and not having an embarrassing moment from your child is a miracle and few and far between.

1 comment:

Genny said...

Your "kids are loud" comment had me laughing! So true! I did the Mother's day post too. Saw your blog on Notes from My Nest.