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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Finally back home and EXAUSTED!

We decided last minute Saturday morning to go visit the In Laws near Chicago. Headed out, had a great weekend, the girls had a blast. We ended up coming home 2 days late. Rodney's employee who took his shift Monday morning told him he'd cover the entire day for him, so Rodney used that as an excuse to stay an extra day. Well almost. We were going to leave Monday night around the girls bedtime, but then we checked the weather and what do we see. FREEZING RAIN warning.... The end of April and there's a freezing rain warning that night on the way home to Ohio. We didn't want to chance it so we spent the night and then headed back this afternoon.

My children have already torn the house apart and we've only been home for a few hours. I'm so tired and ready to CRASH.

So my blog has been neglected over the weekend. I'll make it up this week I promise. I have a few new reviews to post, and some giveaways as well. So the next few days I'll be tending to not only my already wrecked house, but also my neglected blog. Mornings in PJ's by the computer just typing away is what this week will be filled with. Not only have I neglegted the blog, but i've been neglecting Mommies 'N Babies as well, so i'll be very busy online the next few days...

Oh and go figure. Who calls me this weekend while my phone is dead. Elijah. It always happens that guy always calls when my phone is dead....BLAH!!!!! Oh well... Life goes on I guess...

Hope you all had a fun and eventful weekend.

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