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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Release their inner artist

My girls are so crafty and artistic; they could do crafts or artsy stuff for hours on end. Myself, I’m not into crafts so much so when an idea comes along where I don’t have to think so much about an activity for the girls to do, I’m all over it!

ColorMe Company has just the thing for my girls. They offer fun coloring activities for kids that aren’t your normal ‘free printable’ coloring pages. ColorMe Company offers great projects ranging from greeting cards, pillow cases and even T-shits for your kids to be able to put their creativity into something they can call their own.

Letting the girls have the ability to color their own pillow case and T-Shirt, something they could use and display their artwork was a great surprise to them; they had so much fun creating their own little item and were so proud of their work once they were done.

I was a bit worried how long the color would be staying on both the pillow case and the shirt, but if you follow the directions right, you’ll realize there’s nothing to worry about. The colors didn’t run, they stayed on there just as good and just as bright as the first day the girls colored them in. That was the last thing I wanted was for their cute work to go down the drain, literally!

These products would be great for sleepover activities, or even birthday parties, or just something to keep on hand at home for those rainy days indoors with nothing to do. Allowing kids to have some creativity of their own is an important thing, and allowing them to display their artwork will make them proud, they’ll be like my girls and just want to show anyone who will let them.

The ColorMe Company also believes that ‘giving is good’. They take 10% of their gross proceeds and donate them to different children’s charities through a program they have called Charity Choice Program. As a consumer when ordering their products you can select from a menu of charitable categories that are available. On a quarterly basis the funds are distributed to these organizations.

They also have a section on their website where you can submit your child's artwork with their ColorMe Company product. Just check out how to become a ColorMe artist.

You can check out more products and information about The ColorMe Company by visiting their website

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