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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ah to be pregnant again...

As a mom of two children who are no longer cuddly babies, those days often find me where I’m wishing I was pregnant again. You know the days where you have your pregnant friends who have that glow, who get to feel those cute little belly movements and swift kicks and you’re reminded of your time being pregnant again. I had a pretty good and easy pregnancy with both my girls and yea, there’s days where I really miss it, but then the girls do something and well, I’m glad those days are far behind me now, it’s not something I think I want to do ever again.

One thing I’m not jealous of is trying to find comfortable and stylish clothes while I was pregnant. I actually hated maternity clothes, they have come a long way since our parents were pregnant with us, but boy, they’re still not the same as your regular old jeans, plus the price, for the 9 months you’re only going to wear them (or actually less), they can be a little outrageous. I wish they would have had something like the Bella Band back then though, the ability to transform my regular jeans into something I could have worn when I was pregnant would have been a lifesaver so many times, and saved me a bunch of money as well.

One thing first time mom’s don’t expect (I know I sure didn’t) was that you’ll probably walk out of that hospital in the same clothes you walked in there with. Yes your maternity clothes. That was a bit of a shocker for me that I was still wearing them even days after my daughter was born, that baby weight just doesn’t slide off some of us just as fast, but lucky for pregnant mom’s today, there is something they can use that can help you slim down that extra belly weight while giving you comfort and support. The Belly Bandit would have come in so handy pre-pregnancy and maybe I wouldn’t be struggling so much today with that extra belly weight still from when I was pregnant.

Maternity clothes are not fun, but with so many places now like Maternal America, you can make them at least a little stylish, just think, there’s a cute little baby in there just waiting to come out and give you some smiles, the uncomfortableness and ‘feeling fat’ is well worth it in the long run, and hey, there’s so many places to shop now you don’t have to give up your ‘shopping sprees’. Just think of it as an extra special shopping trip.

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