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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Curse of the Bone Pirates

The girls love to read, so anytime I get a chance to review a book I think they might like, I jump on it. Even if it's a little above their age level, we still have fun reading chapters each night before bed, and I think they like the longer story time as well.

A while back I did a review for Nui Kid Water, I remember how much the girls just loved it and it's nice to see that Nui is actually all about children and enlightening them even beyond their drinking water. Their newest addition a book called Curse of the Bone Pirates was written to help encourage kids to improve the environment in a way that they can understand.

A bit about the book from the site:
An evil force is destroying the natural wonders of Nui Island, and it’s up to three new friends to solve the mystery. When Big B is dragged from his comfortable life and close friends in Chicago by his grandfather’s mysterious affliction, he’s sure he’s going to have the worst summer ever. But soon after arriving in the tropical paradise of Nui Island, he is caught in a web of danger and intrigue. The Maemae reef is dying, his grandfather’s brilliant mind has been infected and creepy Island legends are coming to life. Big B and his new friends, Sam and Nalu, rely on wit, courage and strength to unravel Nui’s ancient mysteries. What they uncover will help them save the Island, restore his grandfather’s soul, and break the curse of the Bone Pirates. With a captivating plot, fascinating characters and an important ecological message, Curse of the Bone Pirates: Nui Island Eco-Logical Adventures will haunt and delight young readers.
The book is really fun and interesting. The lessons it teaches about threats to the environment and how kids can take part in helping is great. The girls really enjoyed the book, it was a little out of their age range but Lyric seemed to enjoy it most, she loved hearing about the discovery's the characters made and the great adventures they went on. The story is told through the eyes of a 6th grader and is really a great read, something I'm sure any kid who loves to read, who loves adventure and who cares about the environment would love. You'd be surprised at how much our kids actually care and know.

Check out the Nui store website for more information and to purchase the book for your little reader.

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