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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Read Kiddo Read!

I'm lucky to be a mom to some book loving kids. My girls will just take a book and sit by themselves, even though they can't read the books themselves yet, they seem to enjoy them just as much as if they could. Not all parents are lucky enough to have kids who really truly enjoy reading. Most parents want their kids to love and enjoy reading, but sometimes this isn't the case. A lot of the times, kids just don't find the excitement from books that they find from TV or even video games, which in itself is kind of sad. We need to get our young people reading and interested in books again and using their imagination.

Number-one selling author James Patterson wants to share his love of reading and get kids and parents involved in education children about reading and about books, so he's gotten involved in a program called ReadKiddoRead. This program helps parents, educators and children learn to find that connection with reading and appreciate the books that come along.

The ReadKiddoRead website is a great resource for both parents and educators. It enables you to look for new children's books, research them and get ideas for every age level whether you have a baby or older children you'll find something for all of the children in your life. Each featured book is hand-selected by Patterson and includes a synopsis, related themes, quotes from critics, links to find the books in local locations (including local libraries) and even suggests similar reads. The website also helps provide you with finding information about book discounts and promotions.

Recently James Patterson spoke with Al Rocker from The Today Show to talk about ReadKiddoRead as well as his latest novel Cross Country. Check out the interview by visiting this site:

It's important for us as adults to help provide children with a love and appreciation for books, I'm sure many of us remember our favorite books from childhood, and we want to make sure that that same love remains with our own children throughout their lives. ReadKiddoRead helps us make that and get kids interested in books and reading again.

You can read more about the ReadKiddoRead program by visiting their website:

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