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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Old School Socks for a New School Kid

I ran across this site a while ago, Nix Baby has one of the most simplistic items of clothing we put on our kids, but they're cute! I love the old school sports socks and to be able to have a size for one of my girls, is just too adorable not to want them.

Nix Socks were created by a mom who was just sick of constantly loosing one sock and only finding the other on her child. After looking for some of the really cute old school tube socks for babies, and coming up empty handed, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Nix Baby was created with boys and girls in mind, not only to have some really cute sock that can be worn with almost anything, but to make sure they stay on those little feet as well. The socks are sold in pairs of two and are “one size fits all” which fits shoe sizes 2-7.

Aria just loves her Nix Socks, she thinks they're 'pretty' and I can say that they have in fact stayed on her feet (unless she has willingly taken them off herself which does tend to happen). Now only if Nix Socks could create a sock magnet or something so that when she does take them off, I'm not running around looking for the other one.

You can find more about Nix Socks by visiting their website, right now they have a limited time offer of FREE SHIPPING within the US and Canada with your order.

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