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Friday, June 13, 2008

Mobile Babies

Strollers have come such a long way since I've had to buy or use one, and it really hasn't been that long of a time frame. It seems like in just over a year, strollers have become more lightweight, more modern and simply just more cool.

Mutsy Strollers have to be one of the coolest strollers I've seen, for both mom and child. The Mutsy Slider is a light weight, compact, high performance and maneuverable stroller with a great modern but chic look. The many benefits of a Mutsy Slider is that it can be used as not only a stroller but also as a bassinet, and a car seat (with adapter). The upper body part is detachable and also has a reversible handle, makes it very easy for Mom, being lightweight, stylish and convenient it has every feature a new mom is looking for. I can only wish these were around when my children were younger.

Not only does Mutsy carry the slider, but they also have th 4 Rider stroller. Also with a strong handle, a protective hood and zip storage compartments, this is a great stroller with wonderful fabrics of your choice. The Seat separates so that it may be used to let your baby face you, or the front. You will also find an easy access basket and a car seat adapter included.

All Mutsy strollers are designed to make mom and baby be comfortable while they're mobile, indoors or out, Mutsy is the way to go.

You can visit for more information on their strollers, or if you wish to purchase one visit and use code: laam10offmutsy to get 10% off any Mutsy order.

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