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Friday, June 13, 2008

Circus Time with Kushies

Kushies yet again has come through as a great place to find just about anything for your child. Their line of Zolo Toys is just amazing. Bright, colorful and funky. They're sure to grab any child or even adults interest.

One of my favorite toys from their Zolo line is the Kushies Zolo Stacrobats. Since we've gotten it, it must be the most played with toy around the house daily, not only by the children, but by me and my husband as well, it's just an all around fun toy for the entire family. Children are encouraged to use their imagination while they play, and they learn about balance and dexterity at the same time. The 'stacrobats' are magnetic figures that include a few balls and also a magnetic base which in turn is also a carrying case. There's so many ways to connect them and try to make them balance and stack. Recommended age for the Kushies Zolo Stacrobats is 1 - 100 years old, so yes, as I said this is a family wide toy, and it's fun!

The line of Zolo toys from Kushies is so much more than just the Stacrobats. From activity mats, to mobiles, to bean bags, rings, activity books and so much more Kushies has hit the mark on creating a line of toys that will help with self expression and self confidence and encourage those brain cells to work a little bit harder than they do with other toys. Kushies used EQ (the theory of emotional intelligence) as well as guidance from child development experts to design their Zolo toys and they're fairly confident that the toys will help create a more open-minded flexible thinkers when it comes to kids of all ages.

Visit to find more about Zolo Toys and the toys that they carry.

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