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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finding Alternative Ways to Exercise...

Finding alternative ways to stay healthy sometimes can seem overwhelming, but it’s the simplest things we can do to keep our bodies moving. Whether it be taking the stairs instead of the elevator, doing more yard work, or just taking a brisk walk, there are so many things we can do. I know for me, it takes a little more though, I tend to get very bored doing smaller things like that, especially around the house. I’ve been looking into a few things lately including martial arts.

There are thousands of different martial arts that exist and the movements aren’t always about contact. It’s quickly becoming a popular way to keep your body healthy! If you’re looking for non-contact martial arts something like Tai Chi may be for you. This is an ancient art form from China and it’s meant to be a meditative form of exercise but gives you both physical and mental health benefits at the same time.

As with regular exercise, knowing your goal is key to choosing what’s best for you. For a great strength development or fat burn you’ll want to look into something a little more physical and with more movements. Activities such as Kung Fu, Kickboxing and Capoeira are a great choice.

If this is something you’d be interested in finding more about, look around at your local martial arts center, find a good instructor one who is focused on a particular style with lots of background. Look around, talk to the instructors and ask the students before you decide to jump right on in.

Being able to practice martial arts will give you some big time benefits, and with researching this I’m finding it more and more attractive, now it’s just time to find which style is best for me. Researching with Google and using YouTube to find videos is very helpful.

Do you practice any martial arts?
What are the benefits that you’re finding are best?

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