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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cheesecake, my big weakness...

Last night we had an amazing dessert! I’d like to say that dinner was amazing as well, and it was, but the dessert, oh my god!!!

About a month ago I went to a Homemade Gourmet party at a friend’s house. While there we got to sample some of the yummy foods that they had to order, not everything but some stuff. Really good stuff! Including an Amaretto flavored cheesecake. Now I’m not really an amaretto fan, usually I can’t stand it, but I tried the cheesecake because I’m a huge cheesecake fan, and it was SOOOOO GOOOD!

I was sure I was going to order some of that mix. That was until I saw that they had a Cool Lemonade Cheesecake!! The amaretto was something now thrown to the back of my brain. Cool Lemonade Cheesecake it was! So, yesterday I went to pick up the mix that was finally in, as well as a few other spices and mixes that I purchased. Of course though, I had the mix in hands, I had to pick up the other ingredients to make it, that night!

It was so easy to do. Once you have the mix, I just had to get a graham cracker crust, cream cheese (which I bought low fat), and cool whip (no sugar). Got home, mixed it up and took a taste… SOOO GOOOD!!! The girls weren’t sure that they were going to like it. My one daughter proudly exclaimed “I don’t like cheesecake!” but once she saw the mix, she wanted to try it, and she found out she was very wrong!

As they licked the beaters and the spatula and the bowl, I seriously thought I was going to have to learn some self defense to get to that cheesecake that they’d try to eat it all before it even set in the fridge for a bit!

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. The cheesecake set, we had it for dessert and it was HEAVEN! I’m definitely going to have to order some more of that mix because well, it’s almost all gone already *blush*.

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