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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Camping we will go... uh wait a minute...

So what’s the one thing you really need when you’re taking a camping trip? Luggage CHECK! Bug spray CHECK! Sunscreen CHECK! Sleeping Bags CHECK…. I can go on and on with the checklist, heck we even have fire extinguishers (for the RV of course). But the one thing we STILL don’t have is a Tent! We do have a small RV going with us, but it’s my parents and not nearly large enough to accommodate all of us, so we need a tent.

We still haven’t bothered to buy one though, gosh tents are EXPENSIVE!!! We’ve been looking around, and I think we’ve settled on a 6 man tent that we’ll probably end up buying, but I would like a larger one, the more room the better in my opinion.

So when I was informed there was another tent giveaway going on, I jumped on the chance to enter and will continue entering daily until it’s over! Serendipity Mommy is giving away a 9 man Eureka! tent!!!! That’s more than enough room for us, and I would be THRILLED if I was able to win this!!

The giveaway runs until July 12, 2010 and guess what? That’s MY BIRTHDAY!! So what an awesome birthday present it would be if I won this giveaway. Not that I’m holding my breath, there are a ton of entries already and I haven’t been too lucky in the giveaway department as of late, so I’ll just hope that maybe I’ll get a lucky streak and win this.

You can enter too, if you must….. lol…. Just head over to Serendipity Mommy and take a look at her Euraka! Tent giveaway, or if you’d like she’s got a Summer Staycation event going on with a lot more prizes and giveaways to enter, so maybe you should go enter one of those so there’s less entries in the tent giveaway. HA HA HA! Just kidding….

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Fire Extinguishers said...

I Just got a new 4 man tent it cost me over £200 but it is one fo those popup ones saves me erecting it in the rain and wind. :)