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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Wow… what a change!!! If you read my post the other day about TNA’s Epic FAIL you’ll have an idea what I’m talking about.

First of all the TNA Genesis PPV was subpar at best, with a few good matches. The matches aren’t exactly what I want to get into thought. First things first is the appearance of the 4 sided ring. Not happy with it at all. If I wasn’t a dedicated fan and just flipping through the stations, I wouldn’t see any real difference between TNA and WWE right now, the 6-sided ring was what made TNA distinct from other organizations.

Now Hogan and Bischoff I understand you’re old, you don’t do well with change you have no idea how to work in a 6-sided ring, nor do your old ass washed up friends who you’ve decided to hire into TNA. I don’t mind seeing the old guys back, but what about making them MANAGERS or backstage talent and give the ring BACK to the TALENTED younger TNA wrestlers who deserve to be featured and who can work a match. I don’t want to see ‘bitch pac’ wrestle, I don’t want to see the Nasty Boys, I don’t even want to see Scott Hall wrestle again (not that he would anyways lol), heck I don’t’ want to see Hogan or Bischoff on my screen. Hogan, we all know your angle, we saw your kids in the crowd more times than we wanted to see them, we know its all about you and what you can do to make your kids famous, make you money and get your friends involved...

One thing that really got to me was when the fans at the arena actually Booed and voiced their opinions about the matches, and the ring, Hogan and Bischoff basically said SHUT UP it’s here to stay we don’t care what you think about it.

What brought me over to TNA was the uniqueness of the company, I was happy to see WWE wrestlers come over who didn’t get a fair shot in WWE where their talent was WASTED (ie. people like The Pope D’Angelo Dinero). It’s almost like switching teams in sports, your contract is up with one team an you get drafted to another, no different as long as you have the talent come on over. It was also about how well TNA actually LISTENED to wrestling fans, took our suggestions, took advice and took cues from the fans.

However, Hogan and Bischoff are turning TNA into a washed up old version of WCW. I’m sorry that your other ventures and organizations never took off the ground, or that they were just big failures, but TNA was flying high and on the road to greatness, now it’s sliding back down the hill into the trash to be dumped right on top of WCW and any other organization that went down the tubes. I think at this point even roadside assistance would be more of a help to TNA than Hogan!

I’ve been to many a live show in both WWE and TNA. One thing I loved in TNA was the crowd interaction and the LACK of censorship. When I heard how the fans were treated at the iMpact Zone on Sunday I was speechless. Being told what they could and couldn’t say, being scolded like little children because of cussing or the Boo’s and other comments being made. THIS IS NOT WRESTLING!!!! Going to a live event is about getting rowdy, about chanting, about cat-calling that’s why you go to the event rather than sit home and watch it on TV. However, TNA now thinks that no; this is NOT how a wrestling show should be.

Here’s a clip from a fan that was at the iMPACT Zone for a taping the other night, I’ve NEVER seen such a thing go on at any live, taped or TV show for any wrestling event, including WWE.

TNA has since REMOVED the video from YouTube, but I still have a working link I found so you can view the video here:

I can say that I’m thoroughly disappointed with TNA and the direction they’re headed right now. I stopped watching WWE because of the garbage they’ve been handing out lately, because of the new ‘family friendly’ PG rating they decided to go to, and now it looks like TNA wants to be another cheap family friendly rip off of WWE. I understand little kids are there, heck I’ve brought my own kids to wrestling shows, but guess what, as a PARENT I understand the language, the situations and the things that are going to go on there, as a PARENT it’s MY decision to bring my child into that environment, don’t worry about what my kids will/won’t hear, that’s my issue as a parent, not yours as an organization! Further more, if fans who attend tapings/live shows are now cast members, then perhaps you should be paying for their wasted time if you want them to act according to your script.

It looks as if Hogan and Bischoff are going to run TNA (right into the ground I might add) then soon A Wrestling Addicted Mommy may be no more, I’ll have to find a new addiction…. Dixie Carter, you have no idea what you've just turned this company into....

Why fix it if it isn't broken?

A great read from

"A fan that regularly attends the TNA Impact tapings sent out this message:

Hey guys. I'm one of the hardcore TNA fans who you see regularly on iMPACT! and TNA PPV. You probably recognize me as the guy who wears a shirt and tie to the shows.

I've seen a lot of posts claiming that the biggest thing wrong with TNA right now is us, the loyal fans in the iMPACT! Zone.

I'd like to give you a little perspective on things. There is a group of about 12-20 of us who are at every show we can attend (Collectively known as the "Crucial Crew", which is why you see us throw up the 'c' hand signal). And we DO NOT like the direction this company is going. Therefore, we express our displeasure in hopes that management will listen. Why? Because we LOVE TNA, and will not stand idly by while it gets raped by Hogan and his boys. If we were season ticket holders for a sports team, this would be expected, would it not? "


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