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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Huge #FAIL for TNA!!!

Word is around the dirt sheets and the internet is that TNA has decided to do away with the 6 sided ring, starting TONIGHT at the Genesis PPV. I heard rumors about this in December when Hulk Hogan was officially brought to TNA and how he was pressing to bring the 4 sided ring in. I was adamantly against this then, and am totally AGAINST this now!

TNA is NOT WWE! That’s why I love it. TNA is actually WRESTLING! Sure you have former WWE Superstars in TNA, that’s not the point, it’s how their skills are being utilized and how they’re using them in TNA that makes the difference over the PG rated GARBAGE that WWE is pulling lately.

The 6 Sided ring was one of the things that made TNA different and unique than any other wrestling organization, and I can say as a fan, seeing the action in the 6 sided ring LIVE was MUCH better than the usual 4 sided ring as well.

I’m just flabbergasted that this was put into effect, that Dixie Carter actually let Hogan do this. I wasn’t a big fan of Hogan coming to TNA in the first place and it looks like I had right reason, he may just be the DOWNFALL of this company if this is the crap he’s going to keep pulling…

Let’s all let @TNADixie know how much we HATE the idea of the 4 sided ring being brought to TNA. TNA Wrestling is a company that usually LISTENS to the fans unlike WWE….


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