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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beauty vs. my anxiety!

Today I’m thinking a lot about beauty. I’m changing my daily rituals, looking into more cleansers, makeup, creams and moisturizers. I’ve got a great moisturizer now, which I love, as well as a night time cream for getting rid of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles or better yet, to keep them away I should say. But there are always better products out there I’m sure, what happens when my current cream isn’t working out? What happens once those fine lines and wrinkles actually start showing up?? THEN WHAT???

Ok, honestly I’m letting a bit of my anxiety get the best of me there…. Aging isn’t something I look forward to and it's something that I tend to over worry about...

I’ve been browsing the web this morning and looking at sybervisions best wrinkle cream reviews, hopefully that will give me some direction as I look into my future products.

What are your best tips, products for skin care? What is your daily ritual for taking care of your skin?

1 comment:

Angela C said...

Hopefully Dixie Carter will not let Hulk Hogan run rampant. If they get rid of their Trademark ring, what other changes will they have in store for us. I am so disappointed in hearing this, I am off to Twitter to let them know.