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Thursday, October 1, 2009

WWE RAW Here I come!

This Wrestling Addicted Mommy is still under the weather, I can’t even speak at the moment, and my jaw is so sore, but I’m beaming with excitement!

I just got myself some WWE Raw Tickets for October 11th at the new arena here in Toledo! Just called up hubby and whispered to him and he’s excited too.

The best part, we’ll have babysitters here already since it’s the same weekend that my parents and BFF are going to be down here for “Canadian Thanksgiving”, so we’re set! Cena, Orton watch out, A Wrestling Addicted Mommy is on your tail and will be stalking you all day long!

I have to give a big shout out to Eventchasers and Razorgator for making this happen. I think next on my list of things to do is find some Mixed Martial Arts tickets which my hubby is really into right now, myself, not so much but he’d love to go to something like that, a little switch from wrestling for once.

Be on the lookout for my coverage of WWE Raw from Toledo soon!


dor said...

You are one lucky girl. Have fun! May I leave a link here for a great giveaway that you and your readers can enter? If so...thanks:

dorcontest at gmail dot com

Lisa said...

UI have to tell you the highlight of my childhood was flying back from NY after visiting my dad with my twin brother. We layed over somewhere when I looked up and saw a ton of WWF wrestlers board the plane. We are HUGE fans so it was like a little kids dream to be seated next to them and get their autographs! Lost them a long time ago but the memory will never fade!