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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sometimes dreams tell us things we overlook...

Ever wake up out of a dream and just have that urge to talk to someone, or realize how much you miss them? I woke up like that this morning. Had a strange and weird dream last night where a friend of mine came into it and it was like no time had passed since we’ve last spoke. He came in, was that friend I needed at the time, taught me some things, and then just as quick as he entered the dream, it seemed that he left again and then I woke up.

There was this weird feeling of void when I woke up, almost feeling like a truck with push bars was pushing me to see something. I guess me realizing how much I do miss him, how much I did and still do value the friendship that we had and how I’d love to have it back. Realizing at the time how much he was teaching me in real life, although he might not have known it, influencing me positively and just being a friend was more than I could ask for.

So I woke up, I hopped right online and sent him an email, which I’m sure makes no sense at all, but I just needed to touch base and make sure that all is ok, and let him know he’s appreciated and missed. I guess after some time moves on and you haven’t spoken to a friend in a while, you seem to realize what they brought to you life, if they knew it or not and how special it was, how you miss it, and how much you appreciate things once they’re gone.

Ever have one of those dreams that just kind of took you over like that?


Amy said...

Yes. With me though its with a man I haven't met, yet he's very three dimensional in the dream, as are the others sharing the dream with us. He has a past and a present and in the dream I feel an overwhelming sense of love for this person and I always feel a sense of loss when I wake up.

Amy said...

Oh and I love the picture you included, very evocative of dreams.

plus size corsets said...

Thanks for sharing Gina. Dreams do like to tell us what's going on deep inside.
I love it when someone you haven't seen for a while or haven't even thought of, appears in a dream and then you hear from them the nest day or so, or you make contact and something wonderful happens.........ah to dream

mom2anutball said...

I have. Often times it's when I've had a horrible week or something bad has happened. I dream of my grandma. It seems like she comes to me in my dreams to make everything okay, and as corny as that sounds, I really believe it.
Thanks for sharing!