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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Have your Halloween Adventure this year...

It’s October, cool crisp air, falling leaves and lots of scary goblins running around. The best part of fall is Halloween time. A time where young and old can have some fun and dress up without worry.

It’s also a frustrating time if you have kids, finding the right costume isn’t always easy, or cheap but not to worry, there’s so many online places from helping you with DIY costumes or if you’re not crafty helping you find the right costume for your child, or even yourself.

Online shopping is as safe as can be, and with you can rest assure that your security is their number one priority! In business since 1981, is open year round and provides a hassle free shopping experience.

From Halloween costumes, accessories, and party supplies for children, adults and even pets with their selection of over 10,000 items you’re sure to find something for you.

This year, the girls wanted to be a zoo keeper and a kitty cat. We had no issues finding some great costumes for the girls with Halloween Adventures. The order process was simple, although with a gift certificate I was given from Halloween Adventures we did have a few snags as this was the first gift certificate they had issued, but all problems were rectified and the costumes were sent out in a timely manner. I think my only real issue with the entire process, having to still enter my credit card information when using a gift certificate, which was not needed. I’d be a little happier if this was something I didn’t have to do, a bit weary of doing it because I’ve had bad experiences before with this sort of thing, I did it anyways and everything turned out well, no extra charges to me whatsoever.

Shipping was fast, and we had our costumes in less than a week from our order date. Once the box arrived the girls were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see their new costumes.

The Zoo Keeper costume (available for both boys and girls) retails for $39.50 in child sizes 4 – 6. Sizing is a little bit of a concern when ordering online wondering if this costume was going to fit my daughter as it doesn’t come in sizes it’s basically a one size range that it comes in, however the costume fit great, until it came to the hat. The hat probably won’t be a part of this costume for us, I’ll have to run out and find another one, my child doesn’t have a super big head, but there’s no way this hat will fit her head or stay on even if I pinned it somehow, it’s just too small for a normal child between the 4-6 size. The costume comes with the jacket, skirt, belt, hat and my child’s favorite part a toy monkey! She looks just adorable all dressed up!

The second costume we were able to purchase was the Strawberry Kitty Anime Pink costume retails for $19.99 and comes in sizes 5-7 and 8-10 (again it’s just those ranges). My daughter couldn’t wait to get this costume on. I was a little disappointed with this costume for a few reasons. First, I really wish it came with the boot covers for shoes, they’re super cute and I have no idea where one would purchase or find these items as I couldn’t find them on the Halloween Adventures website, it also doesn’t come with the gloves featured either, which is something else I couldn’t find.

The dress fits great, the little kitty decoration in the middle isn’t very secure, it’s fuzzy plastic and cute when you see it, but on our costume it looks like it’s about to fall off and needs to be secured a bit better. What I love about this costume, is that the tail is detachable by a button which secures it to the dress! My biggest gripe with this costume is the wig. Again for a child who’s a size 5-7 this wig wouldn’t even fit my 3 year old’s head and stay on. Even win pins I’ll be lucky if I can get it to stay on my child’s head. Also the pig tails that shoot straight up, don’t really do that, they kind of flop off to the side. My daughter likes the costume, but I think we’re going to have to find her something else to wear for Halloween, this costume just isn’t up to par for us. The costume includes the dress, wig, collar and tail, it says it includes a hoop insert but I’m not exactly sure what that is, nor did I see one.

Overall my shopping experience with was great, I can’t blame them totally for the costume mishaps as that’s more the costume manufacturer more than anything, sizing really needs to be stepped up, but that always seems to be an issue with costumes no matter where you purchase them. With a great product selection, great customer service shopping online with is a place that will help you make your next Halloween celebration an exciting adventure!

Don’t forget about their Jack’s Quest contest going on right now through October 25th where you can win one of over 100 prizes just for submitting your Halloween Adventure.

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