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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's that time again..

If you can't tell yet by a few of my postings, I love shopping! Not only do I love shopping but I love freebies,and deals, and any bargains I can get! That's why I absolutely LOVE BLACK FRIDAY!!

When I first moved to the USA I heard the term Black Friday and I really had no idea what the heck it meant or even what it was, but when I found out, it's probably the time of year my husband both dreads and looks forward to at the same time. I spend all that money, yet get loads of deals and save money at the same time, so it's a win/loose situation for him!

This year is no different, I'm so excited to see Black Friday on the way, I'm even trying to convince my mother to come down to go shopping with me this year. Normally I do a lot/most of my shopping online as hubby always has to work Black Friday, but if I can get someone to go shopping with at those early hours while hubby sleeps at home with kiddos till he has to go to work...IT'S ON!!!!!

Today makes my excitement even greater though, as the VERY FIRST Black Friday ad has surfaced, and my favorite place ever has it! So be sure to keep an eye on my blog, and on for the latest deals, and black friday ads!

Half Price Books Black Friday Ad!

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