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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Join Jack's Quest for a Halloween Adventure

It’s that time of year, time to think about those Halloween Costumes! Are you looking to have the best Halloween Adventure? Looking to spice up your fall season and win one of over 100 prizes? Then look no further Jack is on a Quest for the Best Halloween Adventure and wants to give you the prizes to match it!

Jack is the hip young spokes character from Halloween Adventure and is inviting Americans to join his Quest and to share their individual Halloween adventures. No matter if those adventures are a child’s first Halloween, a terrifying Haunted House or even the look of surprise on a boss’ face when they saw an employee clock into work in a gorilla suit, Jack wants to know about them.

By submitting stories, pictures or videos everyone who joins in Jack’s Quest will be automatically rewarded with a shopping discount on and then will be eligible to win one of their over 100 prizes.

Jack needs our help too though, everyone who enters will be able to grab a vote button or banner, email their friends, family and everyone they know and needs to get them to vote for their story.

Are you ready to join Jack’s Quest? Then don’t waste any time and log on to the Jack’s Quest website at and enter your adventurous stories, pictures, or videos. Claim your award for joining and post a “Vote for me button” on your blog, Myspace, or FaceBook profile to attract people to vote for your Halloween Adventure. Hurry though, Jack’s Quest ends October 25th, 2009. You don’t want to miss this great contest. After the 2009 contest ends, you can get ready for the 2010 contest on November 5th, 2009 when it opens for submissions for the next year.

For a complete list of prizes and rules, visit Jacks Quest at and don't forget to become a fan of Jacks World on Facebook!

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