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Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 2 and still working up a sweat...

I was so sore from my workout yesterday. I woke up with a sore butt, and extremely sore thighs/hamstrings. I never get that way from my usual workout videos. I love the sore feeling the next day, that’s when you know you did a great workout that actually did something. Although all I did this morning was whine and complain about how sore I was.

I wasn’t completely sure I was actually going to do a workout today with my EAS Active. I could barely walk up the stairs my legs were so sore. I couldn’t miss a day though, I’m doing the 30 day challenge and I can’t wimp out on day 2.

I started up the Wii and away I went. Doing the workout I was surprised at how my body reacted. I could no longer feel the muscle pain that I was in beforehand; my body went right along with the workouts. The sweat poured down my face, I pushed myself no matter how tired or weak my legs felt and I got my workout done.

I again exceeded the calorie burn that EAS Active gave me as a goal and burned another 176 calories during my workout. I can’t boast enough about this new ‘game’. It’s definitely kicking my butt and is a REAL workout. I’m so glad I decided to purchase it.

My workout today was filled with cardio, as well as both upper body and lower body workouts. I got to play tennis, which was fun, I was hoping to see more boxing today but I guess we’ll do that again another day. I’m not a runner, I hate running, but with the EAS Active I’m actually starting to enjoy it. I love the intervals that it gives you instead of just a straight run.

So I sit here dripping sweat, I need to go shower but I wanted to make sure I posted my Day 2 workout before I forgot.

Ok after not hurting while I was working out, I have to say, going up and down the stairs is so not fun right now, legs are still sore...LOVE IT!!!

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