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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's get Ready 2 Rumble!!!

I love my Nintendo Wii, it gets my butt off the couch and engaged in a lot of different games which require advanced to minimal movement. One of my favorite Wii Sports games is the boxing, but ever since I first played that game I always wanted MORE to come from it, you get a great workout with the boxing games. I play my Wii Fit Rythem Boxing quite often as well, so I can’t get enough of boxing with my Wii.

I was approached to review the newest boxing game to the Wii Ready 2 Rumble. This is a teen rated video game for Atari with the ability to create your own boxer or just select one of the many ‘crazy’ characters you can find in the game. You can also rumble in a multiplayer game vs. family/friends. I was so excited to play this game and ‘duke it out’ with the best of them.

Ready 2 Rumble has some really funny ‘celebrity’ characters that you may recognize even if their names aren’t the usual. There are also 8 different mini games you can play as well. One thing that was a big disappointment as we started to check out the game is that it’s not a WI-FI compatible game. How cool would it be to play online vs. other players around the world, Nintendo seems to be dropping the ball on their WI-FI games a lot lately and Ready 2 Rumble is no exception with that.

Game play looked like a lot of fun regardless of no Wi-Fi capability, we first started designing our own character which was a lot of fun, and very interesting, and then figuring out our moves and practicing before we headed into the ring. The arcade style graphics were ok nothing fantastic compared to a lot of other games right now, but the arcade style experience wasn’t there.

The controls were not stable at all and would keep us at a standstill as we punched and swung trying to get our character to move. I think that’s one of the most important features of a Nintendo Wii game especially when motion is involved, is that the controls have to match up and sync with the character which Ready 2 Rumble fails to do. During the tutorial we had no issues with the controls, but as we ventured into game play the controls just wouldn't respond at all and we were left there getting our asses handed to us by our opponant. We quickly gave up playing this game not because it wasn’t fun, I’m sure with some better control it would be a blast but the game gets frustrating fast when your character just stands there as your trying to get them to move in the play mode.

Ready 2 Rumble
had the opportunity to gain fans of boxing video games, but unfortunately we’ll have to bow out of this fight and retire our gloves playing this one.

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