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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's happened, TNA is in my blood...

As A Wrestling Addicted Mommy how can I not talk about the biggest event in TNA that’s happening in June, TNA Slammiversary!

I’ll be honest, my husband has been a TNA fan since the beginning, me however, not so much. I’ve stood by WWE and wouldn’t budge, there’s no way you’d get me to be a TNA fan….Or would you? I think I’ve caved; just recently I’ve been actively more involved in TNA and watching their shows, learning more about the wrestlers and getting excited again about wrestling.

The “Family Friendly” wrestling thing just isn’t working for me anymore, I need the real stuff back, and TNA is delivering that to their fans week after week. It's not like I need some Apple memory in my head to know what's going on. TNA is rough, TNA is wrestling! Something WWE has been lacking lately. Slammiversary is coming up and it’s less than an hour’s card ride away from us. Detroit, MI will be hosting TNA’s Slammiversary this year and A Wrestling Addicted Mommy WANTS to go… No make that NEEDS TO GO!

However, as I am a mommy, there’s a couple of matters that need to be fixed, a babysitter for the children, which looks like it’s not going to happen. So that means A Wrestling Addicted Mommy won’t get to go to a live TNA event. It makes me quite sad as I’ve been to many WWE events but to get to go to a TNA event is a little harder as they don’t travel nearly as much as WWE.

One of the big things that I wanted to get my hands on is the Ultimate Fan Xperience travel packages that they’re selling this year. Travel Packages include:

Platinum Package: Includes a guaranteed front row seat! (valued at $175)
Gold Package: Includes a floor seat! (valued at $125)
Silver Package: Includes a premium seat! (valued at $75)

* 3-night’s stay at the official TNA hotel (valued at over $800)

* A Slammin’ Saturday Lunch that is not open to the public. This is an exclusive opportunity to have lunch with the stars of TNA including Samoa Joe, Daniels, Beer Money, Inc., Lethal Consequences, and more (stars subject to change)! This is available only to people participating in this package.($60)

* Slammiversary Backstage Meet & Greet - Be the first to enter the arena on Sunday before the Pay-Per-View!
Travel Package Prices can be found by visiting the TNA Website:

How could of an experience is that? I’ve been to three Wrestlemania’s and NONE of their travel packages involved anything of this nature. Most of their packages seem fan involved but really it’s the same experience any fan could really get without purchasing a travel package, and what’s more is with TNA you’re actually going to get to interact with the wrestlers, they’re not hiding out in a hotel away from the fans, no, they’re staying WITH the fans.

What I wouldn’t do to get myself a travel package to TNA’s Slammiversary Seven and meet one of my favorites Consequences Creed… A girl can dream, because that’s all I’ll get to do this year.

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