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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Glowing from all the fun...

The fun I used to have as a child with anything and everything glow in the dark. It seems like it’s a natural kids wonder and love to have toys that glow in the dark when you’re a child. But as adults we still need to have fun too, and glow in the dark toys aren’t just for kids anymore.

Attending a sporting event (like wrestling), or going to a cub or party, glowsticks are an accessory you’ll see on adults all over the place! Just recently we bought a bunch of glowsticks to take with us to a Disney On Ice event. Not only did the kids get them, but all of the five adults that came too got a glow stick or two themselves and we had just as much fun, if not more, than the kids themselves. They bring back those fun childhood memories that sometimes we seem to forget as adults.

An online boutique that can take care of all your glowstick needs can be found easily online by visiting, they provide glow products that can be used inside and outdoors equally. You can buy single pieces or bulk, and the site delivers it on the next day to your doorstep.

Glowsticks are safe for kids and fun at the same time fashionable and useful. They can keep you in the party mood or help you be safe on a night of trick or treating. How many times can you remember owning, using and playing with a glowstick as a child or as an adult? You have to admit, there’s a certain fun aspect around them that not only keeps children intrigued but keeps adults coming back for more. has a great well designed site that’s very user friendly, glowsticks aside, you’ll find much more than your regular individual glowsticks, from flashing pink bunny ears to flashing tambourines, the variety is astounding, so many items, so many FUN items I’ve never even thought of before.

So with your next party, don’t be afraid, bring out the fun, bring out the glow and get your party on!

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