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Monday, May 4, 2009

Learn and Live...

Safety seems to be a theme this week for me. I guess with the ‘new’ things going on in our lives, the ups and downs it’s going to take all of us on, and the concern I have it’s only right to be blogging a bit more about safety than usual. I mean, as parents our priority is to make sure our kids are safe, protected not only that but as moms it seems like it’s almost our duty to make sure everyone in our family is safe at all times.

Something I’ve never done, but think I should do, and every parent should do is CPR training. We don’t spend a lot of times near pools or lakes or beaches so I’ve never really been too concerned with it, but as the girls get older and more than likely would love to spend time swimming and doing such things, CPR training seems like it wouldn’t only be a good idea, but a smart idea.

With summer approaching and so many children near bodies of water, playing games, and swimming CPR trained people around could eliminate a lot of the drowning that happen during the summer months.

The first week in June begins National CPR and EAD Awareness week, and the American Heart Association wants to raise awareness for all to get trained in this life saving skill. Protecting our families is key, and committing to learn CPR could save the life of someone we love.

I know what you’re thinking, who has the time to attend a traditional classroom CPR course? Well that’s not all that the American Heart Association offers. There are several options for learning CPR besides the traditional classroom. You can opt to take a self-directed course, CPR anytime. In a matter of 22 minutes, you can learn CPR. The kit comes with an inflatable, reusable mannequin and instructional DVD, you can choose from the Infant kit (for children under 1yr) or a child/adult kit. This not only helps with those learning CPR for the first time, but for those already trained maybe your skills have gotten rusty, this is the perfect thing to brush up!

Learning CPR gives you a step ahead of the game, when you’re faced with an emergency you’ll feel confident and know exactly what to do.

Thanks To: Mom Central

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