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Friday, January 16, 2009

Balance for Children

Water....It's one thing I probably don't drink enough of. I'm pushing myself to drink at least 64oz a day, and for me that's a big struggle. I don't know what it is, but water just doesn't do it for me. This year is a new year and a time for a healthier me, so water is going to be a big deal in this house from now on. Thankfully my girls are a little different from me. They'll drink whatever you give them, even if it is *gasp* plain ol' water!

Balance Water Company
has provided mom's with a great bottled water, Balance for Children. Now I know your probably thinking about what flavors the water comes in since it is for kids, but there isn't any flavors to the water, it's just that....water. There's no flavors, colors, preservatives, artificial additives, sugar, or calories. What there is inside the water though, is very unique. Something I've never heard of or seen in water before. In Balance for Children water you will find 4 different Australian flower essences, yes that's right... Flowers! Balance for Children uses the essence of the Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Black-Eyed Susan and Paw-Paw which all help restore balance and promote calmness and focus in children without disrupting their natural energy.

I was a little standoffish at first, I mean, flowers in the water? It said that there was no flavor but I just couldn't help but think of there being any, so the mean mom that I am had the girls try it out first. Hey, it's kids water best have the kids try it first right?! Well after no yucky faces and them just saying “Ahhh cold water” I decided to try a bottle myself. To my surprise, there's no flavor, no aftertaste, it just tastes like clean, refreshing water. In our pack of 6 bottles the girls ran through them quickly, they loved the easy to hold bottles and the ability to have bottled water all for themselves.

Balance for Children comes in a colorful 6 pack carrier which contains 6 – 13.5 fl oz (400 ml) bottles and retails for $7.49 - $7.99 in stores such as Toys R Us. Balance's complete line of products include: Balance for Women, Balance for the mind, Balance for travel and of course Balance for Children.

You can learn more about the Balance line of Waters by visiting their website

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