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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Wrestler...

Now what kind of wrestling addict would I be if I didn't talk about the movie The Wrestler. Recently Mickey Rourke who plays Randy “the Ram” Robinson (the main character) in the movie won a Golden Globe, and in my opinion it was well deserved.

Randy “The Ram” Robinson is an aging professional wrestler who, like a lot of them in the business now, is trying to keep his career going by wrestling in small circuit indy rings and federations in smaller than used to venues. You follow the life and hardships of Randy through his aging career, and problems with his own family life outside of wrestling. A main piece of glue to his life ends up being a stripper played by Marissa Tomei who helps him realize some things he needs to fix, like the relationship with his daughter.

I thought the movie was very realistic when it came to portraying the professional wrestling business, even those in the business themselves will tell you that. The hardships they go through, the way their lives seem to be swept out from under them, how the business takes a toll, it's all a great portrayal.

Rourke was trained by Afa the Samoan for this movie, and the training seemed to pay off. Rourke played off the moves and wrestling hits and misses like he's been doing it his entire life. You came to believe that Randy was a real life professional wrestler as you went on through the movie and followed Randy through to the end of his career.

The movie is a must see for any wrestling fan or those who are just fans of great movies. The movie was directed by Darren Aronofsky who did a great job giving attention to detail, keeping pace on the movie and developing the characters. You learn a lot about the wrestling business including some things behind the scenes the professional wrestling industry would love to hide.

This movie will definitely be added to our collection, it's a must see! Check out the trailer below:

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