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Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 more days....

Right now I'm watching CNN and listening to this wonderful man speak...They're in Philadelphia right now and kicking off the train ride to DC (gosh I wish how I could be on that)...

I dunno, I'm just rambling, but I can't believe the things I've gone through with this. When I moved to the US I came in while Bush was president, I was here when he was elected the 2nd time, but I've never been so involved in politics until Barack Obama. I came from not liking this man, to loving him. The more I let go of Hilary and really read and looked into his politics and policy's and him as a man, and father, the more I became to like him, and in 3 more days this man will be the President of the United States.

I'm so proud that the country elected this man, I'm so happy, and excited for the Inaugration on Tuesday. There's just a joy and a feeling of change, and a feeling of relief as well, knowing that this country could elect someone like him, someone who cares about our country, about our families, about our children is just amazing.

I've been in the US for almost 7 years now, and I can tell you I have a love/hate relationship with this country, I'll be honest about it, up until this election, up until this time in our lives, I've wanted to move back to Canada, I've honestly hated this country up until that point, and maybe it's a harsh thing to say, but I can be honest and I can say that my LOVE for this country has now been flourishing.

I hope that within the next 3 years to actually now go and apply for my citizenship. I want to make sure that when Obama's 4 years are up, I can help make a difference, I can help this country and I can have my voice heard, it's my goal to keep this man in office as long as we can and by applying for my citizenship I can make sure that the next chance we have for a presidental election, I can take part in it.

For some, it might not be a big deal, but for me, to have my mind changed from not wanting to have my citizenship in this country (and just continue to be a permanent resident) to now wanting to get my citizenship is a big defeat, and Barack Obama is a part of that.


janetfaye said...

I was never interested in politics, until I got to learn and know Barack Obama.

I am so very proud and happy that he is our next President!

I am happily awaiting Inauguration Day!

I love him, his wife and his two beautiful children :)

jamaise said...

I am so excited! I'm sure just having him offically in office will bring a sigh of relief over the country. I just hope that the nay-sayers don't try and find things constantly to complain about.