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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A word of caution for parents..Elmer's Art Stations..

This Christmas the girls got a ton of gifts, one of the ones they were more excited over was the Elmer's Art station that they each got. My girls love crafts, love to draw and paint so this was great. They both got their own art station Lyric got a Disney Princess, and Aria got her Tinkerbell.

Christmas has come and gone but today was the first day we got to open up the art stations. As the girls were opening the Disney Princess station Lyric came running to me crying. Why was she crying? She showed me her thumb which was now covered in blood. As she was crying and I was getting her cleaned up I asked her what happened, she said that the paint cut her. Paint? How in the world could paint cut her?

We then walked over to the table they were playing at and she showed me the Castle that contained the water colors she was going to paint with. She said "the blue paint cut me". As I looked at the castle the paints were raised up to where the corners of the paint were sticking out and low and behold it sliced her thumb open. I've since written to Elmer's about this, to inform them of this issue with their Art Stations. It was more than just a little cut, she's got a nice slice in her thumb from it.

So I just wanted to pass on the caution to parents if you may have gotten this for your children, take a look at the paints before you let them use it and make sure there's no sharp edges on them that are raised and can cut your little ones fingers.

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Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

That's horrible - I hope Elmer's responds to you!! :(