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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

It's a known fact by now that I have a thing for shoes, not only for myself, but for my girls as well. My girls can't have enough shoes, and they've both taken to this 'addiction' just as well as their mother has.

Sometimes there's just that one or two pair of shoes when my mind calls to fashion rather than my budget when it comes to shoes for not only myself, but my girls as well. With quickly growing feet, sometimes this isn't the best decision but sometimes it is. Especially when you can find durable, quality shoes that can be worn for the kids. There's nothing worse than finding a cute pair of shoes that are ruined a week later. So I had to share 2 of my newest favorite shoes that my daughter's have been wearing on their feet.

From Venettini the girls have the cutest shoes on the block, that they do honestly wear on a daily basis. Venettini doesn't have one pair of shoes that aren't cute, but these have to be my (and my girls) overall favorites.

Aria sports her 'dancing shoes' as she calls them on a daily basis. Her eyes just light up when she knows she can wear them for the day. These premium leather Mary Jane's named Tanya are not only adorable but they're quality made and durable. The shoes are lined in soft, breathable leather and has a padded collar and cushioned insole to keep your little one in comfort. It also has a flexible non-slip sole (which really is non slip, she tests these out daily) and fastens easily with a Velcro strap. These shoes are exceptional quality and they even look like they're comfortable as she wears them.

Lyric and her favorite pair of boots are no exception. These boots are so adorable that I wish I could buy a pair for myself. Not only are they fashionable but she tells me they're the most comfortable pair of boots she's ever had (for a 5 year old). She is another one that tries to wear these boots as much as she can, and I don't blame her, if I had a pair I'd be sporting them every day too. The Tara boot from Venettini is a tall zippered boot made with rich leather and also has a wide suede cuff on the top and some trendy lacing up in the back. The insoles inside the breathable leather boots are cushioned and these boots also have the flexible non-slip rubber soles.

Fashion starts young, sometimes the shoes is what makes that outfit perfect, it's just like putting Ferrari parts in a run down car, it just enhances the outfit, and no one knows that like Venettini. The European quality and craftsmanship shows this, and also while providing a cute fashionable look, also provides that durability and comfort that your looking for on a daily basis for your children's feet.

Check out more pairs of Venettini shoes by visiting or


Christiana said...

Those are some seriously glorious shoes. I will check out for more pairs.

Lacy said...

I am too a big collector of shoes. Most girls are, in fact.