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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

One of our prized possessions on our own body is our hair. For one reason or another the change of color, or the loss of hair can devastate a person (myself included, I'm so afraid of going gray). It's one thing that we can take pride in, something that can say a lot about a person is their hair, and it's also one of the first things a person notices on another.

Think about when you describe someone, one of the first things you tell them is the color of their hair, and how it looks, is it straight or curly, dark or blond. Hair is something we all care and think about in our daily lives. We aim to keep it healthy and looking good throughout our years, but when the problem of hair thinning and balding comes around, it's something people are often ashamed of. Thankfully today there are so many different safe and effective treatments for hair loss and hair thinning.

People often get desperate and try so many different over the counter products or even call and have consultations with many different clinics in hopes of finding the best hair loss treatment for them at the best prices.

If this situation comes about with you, and it's a common thing that happens as we all grow older, be sure to do your research, take the time, don't get caught up in the quick schemes that promise you thick luxurious hair in a matter of days. Find the best treatments that aim to please, and will work for the long haul, without wasting your time and cash.

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Adam said...

There is a common belief in ayurveda that hairs and the skin reflects the wellness of our body. Hair loss is more common to men than to women . It is seen because a male hormone testosterone, which interferes with the biochemistry of hair producing dehydro-testosterone, which is most important factor, that contributes to baldness.


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