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Monday, December 1, 2008

Dust Free Electronics

We're a tech savvy household. I don't think that in our home there are many things that are not electronic in one shape or another. One thing that doesn't fair well with electronics is DUST! And for one reason or another dust is a common problem in my home, as much as I do dust it just seems to return, but with many of my electronics using sprays or some other cloths simply aren't good for the items themselves and can ruin them.

That's why I was happy to hear about the Weiman E-tronic wipes. These wipes were specifically designed just for your electronic items to keep off all that dust, fingerprints, dirt, and anything else that can be found on them (usually because of small children in your home). The E-tronic wipes not only repel dust and dirt but they also eliminate static from them and keep them streak free and lint free. The Weiman E-tronic Wipes are also ammonia-free so that harsh ammonia smell won't be found in your home or on your electronics.

With uses for most of your electronics like your TV's, computer screens, laptops, cell phones, telephones, stereo's and many many more you can tackle that dust without the worry of ruining your costly and precious electronic items.

The E-tronic wipes are no difference in size from your other typical cleaning wipes and even come in a great sealed canister to easily access each wipe and to keep them moist when not in use. In my opinion the wipes work great, and I was happy to finally see the dust taken off of my husbands laptop and my computer screen cleaner than ever.

With the holiday's on their way, one of the most given items as gifts is always something electronic, so why not head over to the Weiman website and add a package of the Weiman E-tronic wipes to that special gift as well.

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