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Sunday, November 23, 2008

WWE Released Elijah

How sad!

My boy Elijah Burke has officially been released from the WWE. This makes me so sad, talent that was great and as usual for WWE wasn't used to his full potential. He was released on the 13th and I haven't talked to him in a hot minute as we've both been busy with our own lives. I look forward to hearing from him soon and finding out what his future holds. He's got such great talent in the ring and as well as on the mic, he'll definetly find something worthwhile I'm sure of it!

It was so much fun becoming friends with him, running his myspace for him during the past year and all the lovely things he spoiled me with. Elijah is and will always be family around here no matter what his future holds.

One thing I can be happy about tho, is Christian Cage returning to WWE. I've been waiting for this for a while. I'll have my three boys back...Edge, Christian and Jericho my three Canadian boys, so I'm happy with that.

With the Survivor Serious PPV going on right now, Rodney's in the background giving me updates while he watches it on his computer, I sit here watching the American Music Awards and reading and learning about conversion rate optimization boy I'm a mess tonight, too many things going on and then hearing the above news. Wow, what a night...

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