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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Do slippery bra straps make you want to buzz off?

How many times have you 'busted out' of one of the tops your wearing? Or you've found that really cute perfect dress our outfit only to worry the entire night about covering up 'the twins' and making sure they're contained. Ever had these problems? Ever found a solution for it? Well I have!

Bug Catcherz
is the solution to your problems ladies...This line of fashion tape will keep your clothes laying where they should be, no more embarrassing slip ups. Their line includes the No See 'ems which are almost a multi purpose tape, they will keep your shirts right and prevent those peek through button holes, keep your straps from slipping, or hold your pant cuffs off the ground when they're a little too long. Wherever you need help with your clothes, No See 'ems are their to help.

Low rise jeans are great friends for the BUTTerflies, they can keep your panties low and in place instead of rising above the seam. There's also a great pack just for those brides to be, the Lacebug Hold-in-Place Wedding Pack to keep you in place on your big day, there's even a Lacebugz Hold-in-Place Formal Wear Pack that you can take with you on a night out, even perfect for bridal parties the day of the wedding.

The Bug Catcherz products are easy and simple to use, just peel off the backing and stick them into place, you'll forget they're there but you'll be happy that they are, you'll be wearing those outfits with no worries about anything extra adding to your look.

Visit Bug Catcherz on-line at for more information or to pick up a few for yourself, New Year's Eve is coming up quick and this would be the perfect addition to your look for the night.

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