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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Parties on a budget.

Christmas is just around the corner, with money being tight for a lot of people this year, it might be a good idea to plan your Christmas parties on a budget. We all want to have an enjoyable Christmas and make sure our family and friends enjoy it as well when they come, but why break the bank trying to make that happen when there are so many ways to have a great party on even a small budget.

Remember Christmas is about being with friends and family not about how lavish or extravagant the party was. provides you with some great tips and tricks that can tie your next Christmas party together on a smaller budget. From invitations to shopping, color schemes, decorating and even making some really cute (and yummy) Christmas Cupcakes.

Although it might take a little more creativity and time you can be sure to have a great party, just think there's a lot more thought into having a budget friendly party rather than spending everything you have on buying every inch of it. So don't stress out this holiday season, plan a fun and great party that everyone can enjoy and afford and have a Merry Christmas!


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

AHH! That is ADORABLE! I'm all over it!

Dee said...

lol! That is soooooooo cute!