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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sleeping in micro-toxins

Allergies run in the family from seasonal, food and even skin. At any point in the year someone here is suffering from some sort of mild allergy. One allergy that's pretty common in our household and in many is an allergy to Dust Mites. ICK! Not only is the fact that there is such a thing gross and makes my skin crawl, but knowing that they're one of the factors in common dust allergies is equally disturbing.

Thankfully we found out about CleanRest. CleanRest offers mattress and pillow encasements for both adult and children's bedding. The encasements we received were most welcome and easy to do, simply zip the encasement around your mattress or your pillow and your good to go. You're now protected from dander, allergens, dust mites and other allergy irritants! The encasements are all washable and feature CleanRests MicronOne technology.

CleanRest also offers Allergy Free Pillows...My queen size pillow is doing the trick and is just as comfortable for me as any other pillow. I love soft pillows but for me, any down or feather filled pillows are out, CleanRest's Allergy Free is a great replacement in my opinion. Did you know the average pillow can increase up to two pounds in weight after just two short years from the build up of dust mite waste, mold spores, pet dander and other harmful micro-toxins? That's just GROSS! I'm so glad to now have my new CleanRest Allergy Free Pillows.

We've got our CleanRest encasement on our mattress and our pillows and so far, no complaints. I'd rather have the encasements on than not especially with allergies, any help you can get is great. Both the mattress and pillow encasements come in a variety of sizes, so if you suffer from allergies like we do, this is one thing to make your life easier. And with the holiday season approaching, we all have those guests staying over, why not make sure they're allergy free and comfortable by offering them a clean place to lay their head at night without worry.

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