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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The World Heavyweight Champ once again.

It's actually been a while since I've talked about my addiction! I just realized that, I've been so busy with other things, other posts, reviews and giveaways that I've stopped posting about my favorite thing in the world. WRESTLING!!!!

For those of you who do follow, this past Sunday was the Cyber Sunday PPV. I admit, this is the first year I didn't take part in the voting, because honestly I really don't think it matters much, the outcomes in my opinion (and those of others) have already been pre-determined and I really don't think the viewers choice matters too much.

Being up in Canada, all the times are screwed up for wrestling, so I really do miss shows while I'm up here but I did end up catching Cyber Sunday. I had my own little victory of the night....


That's right, my second husband (hehehe) Batista has the World Heavyweight Championship Belt. How ecstatic am I, he so deserves it, and it doesn't look better on anyone else but him!

I mean come on, could Jericho seriously beat Batista? I think not! Another great thing about the match, STONE COLD Steve Austin as the special guest referee! Which as soon as they made that an ‘option’ of choices to vote for, you already knew it was going to happen, why even bother having a stupid little vote for that.

It should be an interesting next few weeks/months. With Cena returning and Orton as well, I’m sure there will be a great feud between Batista for that belt.

The only other match I was really interested in was the Triple-H/Jeff Hardy match, which was great as to be expected. Here’s a rundown of the matches and wins that went on.

  • U.S. champion Shelton Benjamin defeated K-Kwik, Ron Killings umm I mean R-Truth
  • Divas Halloween costume contest: Micki James wins
  • John Morrison and The Miz defeated Cryme Tyme (is anyone else sick of seeing this match over and over and over again?)
  • Intercontinental Champ Santino Marella was defeated by The Honky Tonk Man (by disqualification)
  • No Holds Barred match Rey Mysterio defeated Kane
  • Evan Bourne lost to ECW Champion Matt Hardy
  • Last Man Standing match The Undertaker defeated The Big Show (of course)
  • WWE Champ Triple H defeated Jeff Hardy (so sad, I can’t wait to see Jeff finally win)
  • Batista wins the World Heavyweight title over Chris Jericho
So any of you out there who do watch wrestling, did you watch Cyber Sunday? What did you think?


eggshell said...

I was so gutted when my man didn't win, but I kind of expected him to lose.

And here's my confession - Stone Cold looked hot

SeptemberLovely said...

I'm really disappointed I didn't get to watch it this year cuz I was in Florida on vacay (okay - maybe not THAT disappointed...I mean, I was in Florida after all...). I'm super happy that Batista beat that slime Jericho. I don't really get his deal at this point...I mean, he came back to "save us" from Randy Orton...couldn't manage that...and now he's this uber-bad guy? I mean, don't we get that enough with JBL? I donno...Anyway, I really wish The Brian Kendrick would jump off a bridge. He annoys the crap out of me like you wouldn't believe and I think him and his gay lover...oops..."bodyguard"...need to get a room and get a life. With that being said - glad I found a fellow wrestling fan on here! This is officially my favorite blog!! Keep up the good work!!