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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say "BOO!" to the Flu

Often times around here you see me doing a lot of product review posts for Mom Central. Well this time they have decided to do a blog tour for a charitable cause, a non-profit organization called Families Fighting Flu. This organization is made up of parents who have lost a child to the flu.

With the cold and flu season right around the corner I know my house is already full of coughs, sneezes, sniffles and groans as I’m sure your family household is as well. A a family we do not opt in to do the flu vaccines as we’re all healthy and I’d rather they be used for those who really need it. That being said there are a lot of families out there (ours included) who need to be educated about the importance of flu prevention this time of year.

Families Fighting Flu has partnered with the Say “Boo!” to the flu program to help bring flu prevention education to families across America. Part of the program involves Visiting Nurse Associations of America hosting different flu vaccination events across the country which encourage those families who need it to get vaccinated.

The program’s website brings helpful flu prevention tips, videos and activities to help kids (and families) learn about preventing the flu by washing their hands and other helpful tips like how to teach your children about germs. They also provide vaccination information related to your local area should you opt to get vaccinated.

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