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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're Not Cute We're Rock 'N' Roll

Their slogan is right on, although the clothes are defiantly cute, they’re an edgy rock and roll sort of style. Something a lot of celebs have been rocking on their own children, and something I put on my own. They've also been featured in People's Magazine.

Angelic Genius
is for all those stylish babies and parents out there. Whether you’d like to have some matching tees for you and your little one, or if you’d like to have your own child in their very own stylish tee representing some great designs from music to art and clever phrases. Finding some cool ways to share your child’s personality is what Angelic Genius is all about, expression without speaking!

We just love our Angelic Genuis tees. We had the pleasure of reviewing 2 different styles that the girls picked out themselves, the Butterfly Wings and Gold Dragon tees. These shirts are just ‘too cool’ for their own good. They’re soft and comfortable and very stylish, my girls continually wear them and have loved them. They’re rockin’ their tees like no tomorrow and have had many compliments on how cute they are. I love the fact that they’re more of a fitted sort of tee rather than just a regular cut, at least that’s how we viewed our shirts.

Head over to and take a look around, I’m sure you’ll find something that will stand out to you and you’ll place in your ‘must-haves’. I can’t wait to put some

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