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Monday, October 20, 2008

Send your children to Grandma's in the mail...

Ever wish you could just mail your children off to Grandma’s house? Well now you can!

It’s easy to mail off just about anyone or anything now thanks to PictureIt Postage. PictureIt Postage is a place where you can create your own stamp. You can use pictures of your children, yourself, your dog, anything you want.

I opted to create my own stamp with a picture of the girls once I got a chance to visit PictureIt Postage online. With just an upload of the picture and a few easy steps (which the website walks you through, anyone could do it) my stamp was created. Once your photo has been uploaded to the site, you have editing tools to use as well so you can make sure the stamp is perfect and just what you’re looking for, whether it be just changing the orientation, zooming in or out, or changing the color or adding text, PictureIt Postage makes sure that your stamp is one of a kind.

Once I completed my order shipping was very quick, I received my stamps in the mail within a few days, and I just love them.

PictureIt Postage stamps are the perfect addition to your holiday cards this upcoming season, who wouldn’t love to receive a card with an equally cute custom stamp on the envelope?

Visit PictureIt Postage at


taysmommy said...

How cute! These would be great on my holiday cards this year!

D Lo said...

I cannot wait to get one of those stamps on my Christmas card this year!!! LOL!!LOL!