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Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Blocks

Blocks are a timeless toy. Think of all the things you can do with them and how they give children the ability to use their creativity and imagination.

Recently I had the chance to review an item from NMC Toys, a set of Holgate Baby Blocks. I thought of them more for my 2 year old if anything, but my 5 year old also enjoyed them. They both loved the colorful wooden blocks and all they could do with them, it was quite surprising to see that something so simple could give so much enjoyment even to those kids who aren’t ‘babies’ anymore.

The Holgate Baby Blocks are wooden and are very smooth, no rigged edges or splintering wood. On the blocks you’ll find animals, shapes, and letters to intrigue your child. The amount of play a child can get with these blocks is up to the child and how creative and imaginative they can be, for the younger children the colors and pictures are sure to capture their interest.

You can find Holgate Baby Blocks and many more quality made toys for your children by visiting NMC Toys at

1 comment:

jjampm said...

These look like nice blocks. It's amazing really, my kids will put down their flashy new electronic plastic made in China crap I thought they had to have and go back to the wooden blocks. Happens all the time! Love those blocks!