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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Cole Family Christmas

Every night in our home just before the girls go to bed, a story is chosen and we read it before they fall fast asleep. As the girls get older, I’ve been noticing the stories they’re choosing are getting longer and longer, it could be because they get to stay up later, or it could be that they do genuinely love hearing a great story. I’ve started getting them some small chapter books and reading a chapter each night, so far, so good they love it!

I had the chance to check out a a great, family friendly holiday story earlier than normal. The Cole Family Christmas, written by Jennifer Liu Bryan and Hazel Cole Kendle is a book based on a true family story that has been passed down for generations. The book is about Hazel’s coal mining family and their Christmas experience in the 1920’s. The story tells of how the Cole children were always allowed to ask Santa for gifts from the Sears catalog wish book (a tradition that still goes on today for some families) but because of a snowstorm everything went a little crazy everyone’s gifts were given and received well, not as they had expected.

I’ve read the book first as I thought it was a little early to start reading this Christmas book to the girls, it’s something I’d like to save to read them a little closer to the holidays. I really enjoyed reading it, there are 9 chapters in the book and they’re fairly short and easy to read, the book is also in hardcover with some great illustraion. The book is intended for 8-12 year olds but I really do think that if your children love to hear stories, they’ll love this heartwarming story at any age.

A little about the authors which is also interesting, Jennifer Liu Bryan and Hazel Cole Kendle are a grandmother/granddaughter team who got together and decided to write about one of their true family stories. Hazel is 88 years old and this is her first children’s book. The Cole Family Christmas started off as just a family project that was until the publisher recognized her story as a valuable lesson for American families and then ordered copies for release.

I’m so very glad that the publisher realized what a great story this was and knew it had to be shared with everyone. I can’t wait to sit down during the holidays and read this with the girls each night. You can head on over to The Cole Family Christmas website where you can read more about the book, take a peek at the first chapter and also purchase the book for just $17.95 just visit

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