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Monday, October 13, 2008

Can it be comfy?

Recently we bought a new air mattress. See here’s the thing, we had a really cheap mattress for our own bed, it was starting to really kill us every night and in the morning our backs were just as sore as ever, so with being that we really couldn’t afford a new bed at the time, we threw ours out and took the bed that we had in the guest room. Still not the perfect bed for me, but much better than what we had.

What we didn’t think about at the time was well, where are our guests going to sleep now (at least until we can afford to buy a futon for that room)? Our solution was to get a really great air mattress. Which wasn’t an easy task, how comfortable would it be? After reading through an air bed review we finally decided on one, and thankfully it’s a 3 in 1 and to my own surprise actually very comfortable, it doesn’t feel like it’s just an air mattress at all, and our guests seem to agree.

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