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Monday, October 13, 2008 blog challenge

I received an email recently about a very important subject; this is something that also is close to my own heart. Education! connects donors and teachers to help address the lack of funding and resources that our public schools have. allows teachers to request what it is they need in their classrooms by writing a small description of how any funding would help and benefit their classes. Requests are as basic as notebooks, markers, books, pencils and as high end as digital cameras and instruments. There are so many requests some that are even not a tangible material.

I’ve decided to participate in’s blogger challenge this year and especially put my efforts towards reading, technology and music there's projects like, Technology in our music where you can help provide usb microphones to a classroom so that students can learn the importance of techonolgy in the music industry today and learn how podcasts are beneficial as well as so many others. Please take a peek at the page of projects I wish to help get funded during October, and even if you can donate as little as $5 you can help a child get some great help with their education.

Please post this on your blog, pass it around you can even visit my page and pick up my widget to put on your own blog....Let’s get some public schools help with reading, technology and music to enhance their children and ours even more!

I of course wouldn't ask anyone to donate to anything I wasn't passionate for or donated for myself, my own contributions have given resources to 145 students and supported 110 hours of instruction and homework!

Please donate if you can:


Petula said...

Sounds like a great cause.

teleTwenties said...

Very cool. I'm trying to include a different way to give back on my blog and wanted to change the organization each month, great way for me to do so. I've bookmarked on delicious and will be back.

Busy Mom in Iowa said...

It took me a minute to find the widget, but I added it to my blog!

Letter from Santa said...

Very cool...thanks for bringing it to my attention.