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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Huggies: Inside the diaper video and Sweepstakes

As mom's I'm sure there's a ton of diapers you've gone through or go through. Well Huggies Diapers has a great new video out right now called Inside the Diaper. This video goes behind the scenes of one funny commercial and takes it to a new and surprising place. Huggies is trying to take a new and fun look at leakage protection with diapers, without so much product placement it makes you sick! They're trying a new approach by telling and creating a story, mom's (and dad's) will want to watch and hear more about.

To enter the contest visit the site HERE and tell a funny story about a time when some pee got a little out of control with a child, or when you were in some desperate need of a diaper that excelled in leakage protection. Doesn't have to be a long story, just a sentence or two is sufficient, just make sure its funny or interesting.

The prize????
There are two Grand prizes, each of which feature two kinds of coupons:
Coupon 1: Any one [1] Jumbo Pack of Huggies Diapers...FOR FREE
Coupon 2: Any one [1] Huggies wipes (64ct or larger), Bath & Body Product, Cleanteam Product, or Changing Pad...FOR FREE

The winners will be awarded FIVE coupons: three Huggies diaper coupons and two Huggies wipes coupons.

So head over there now and enter yourself!! I know there's a ton of parents out there who could really use this prize...

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