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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Celebrity Rehab...

What is it with celebrities and rehab? If you read any of the ‘entertainment’ blogs, it seems like at least once a week there’s a new celeb going into rehab for something. Be it drugs, sex or alcohol rehab they’re in for one reason or another.

Is the entertainment industry that bad? Is it that bad to do a fun job, get a ton of money for it where you need to turn to drugs or alcohol? I’m sorry, but if I was making a paycheck like half these people were, alcohol or drug addiction would be the last thing I would want to be near. I have money, I want to stay healthy not end up in a drug treatment center somewhere where I can’t go shopping and spend all that great money I’ve eared.

I dunno, it just boggles my mind sometimes how people react to things in this world.

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