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Monday, September 29, 2008

Aspiring Little Chef's

The girls love to cook. They love being in the kitchen and watching me, or trying to help themselves. When I’m working with a new recipe, sometimes it’s hard to give them a chance to help out, as it could be difficult not only for them; but for me as well.

When I found a cookbook for kids, I was thrilled and had to try it out. Handstand Kids provides cookbooks that have easy recipes for kids to learn how to cook and have fun while doing it. It also helps introduce them to a different language at the same time. It’s great to give kids a hands-on learning experience and get them excited about the world around them.

We got the Italian cookbook and being Italian myself, it was nice to be able to teach my kids some words that they can familiarize themselves with when cooking. You’ll journey into Italy once you open your pizza box and find the cookbook inside along with your very own chef’s hat. Inside the book, you’ll find pages that illustrate items and then give you the Italian word underneath. The recipes were fun and easy that we could all do it together; the girls especially loved the chef’s hat that came inside the box along with the cookbook.

Not only does the book offer fun and flavorful recipes, but the Handstand Kids are also a diverse group of characters (the vegetarian, the picky eater etc.) so there’s sure to be a character that you or your child can be familiar with. The recipes are also nutritious recipes but something kids will find delicious at the same time.

Handstand Kids cookbooks are a great item for kids who are interested in the art of cooking. It’s also a great help to parents when they want to find something easy enough to cook with their children. Right now you can get the Italian Cookbook and the Mexican Cookbook from Handstand Kids. Handstand Kids was just named one of the 2008 winners of the Top Toy of the Year from TDMontly.

You can purchase a Handstand Kids Cookbook for $28 by visiting their website:

1 comment:

Petula said...

This is so cute. My 3-year-old daughter loves food -- eating and cooking. I was kidding the other day that she may be a chef. I should look into this.