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Monday, September 29, 2008


I know right now the trend seems to be to find the most eco-friendly, eco-conscious products for just about everything in our homes. I hope this becomes a way of life and fades fast as a ‘trend’. One place that’s a great way to become my eco-friendly is by looking at our clothing, what makes a better statement? provides a great way to spread the message of becoming more ‘green’. They offer clothing for all ages from onesies, hats, and tees for both children and adults. With great messages like “Protect The Environment”, “Conserve”, and “Stop Global Warming” these products are more than just some great looking clothing. The earlier we start putting these thoughts in our next generation the better and we all know how aware other people are with our kids and even our clothes, so why not put out a great message instead of some usual cute little witty sayings?

Teaching your family to instill the habits they’re wearing can also be a great start of awareness for the cause. Start small, especially with the kids simple tasks and ways to conserve will last through their lives and they’ll pass it on to their children. Their clothing is made from 100% baby soft certified organic cotton, and is both quality made and machine washable. Their tees do run on the smaller side, so I would suggest ordering a size up.

Take a look at their products, and start your family on the right track today. Visit pick up a shirt or two provide yourself with some eco-conscious fashion!


Petula said...

Great products! I love the concept... the shirts look fab on the kids.

mjenningsdesigns said...

Super cute! Love the picture of your sweeties! Stopping in to say Hi!